Chunnuanhua, saved the fat of one winter, how should thin come down?

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Winter clothes are also off, but you still keep a body fat, but not as soon as possible to lose weight, is to keep warm in summer?When spring warming, people’s metabolism will also improve, then lose weight, will get twice the result with half the effort!Why lose weight in spring?When the temperature began to warm, the body’s metabolism will also improve, the secretion of sebaceous glands and sweat glands will become more vigorous than winter, then lose weight, of course, will be more relaxed than winter!When winter, the person always loves to eat the food of heavy oil heavy salt, let a person is not get fat be oedema, toxin and fat flesh accumulate ceaselessly in the body.Now spring, all things recovery, the first step to lose weight, it is necessary to start from the body detoxification!There was no excuse now for being too cold to exercise.Good spring, people want to be indoorsy, but also more mood sports!How should spring reduce weight do?It’s time to say goodbye to your favorite winter foods.Heavy oil and salt of big fish and meat, hot pot, barbecue…Say goodbye to them as soon as possible!Spring diet, light is the key, to less oil, less sugar, less salt, less spicy diet.While reducing meat, remember to increase the variety of vegetables and fruits in the diet, such as small tomatoes, apples, radishes, green peppers, cucumbers, broccoli and so on, they not only have a strong sense of satiation, but also a very good effect of clearing intestines.Spring is not as dry as winter, but it is easy to get angry.Therefore, it is very important to keep hydrated every day!Can get up in the morning, drink a cup of warm water first, can help the body to supplement the moisture loss in the night, but also help discharge the residual garbage in the stomach.In addition to your usual rice and noodles, add fiber-rich foods such as sweet potatoes, corn and, ideally, beans to your daily staple foods to help replenish protein.Besides diet, fitness exercise is also indispensable.Go out for a bike ride or a walk with a few friends, or climb a mountain when you have time. Doing more outdoor activities can help your body consume excess calories!Take advantage of big good spring time as soon as possible, throw off the fat on the body, when the summer comes, just have self-confidence to graceful figure show come out!