Douluo mainland: it was another day of fun by barrage, zhu Zhuqing fell, mermaid also want to change shark

2022-05-27 0 By

How else to say the barrage of talent?Since this, watching cartoons are much more fun, then let us have a look at yesterday’s “Douruo continent”, and what interesting wonderful bullet screen?Before we talk about bullet screen, let’s talk about yesterday’s content, that is, Zhu Zhuqing’s last assessment.Coincidentally, her last assessment against no one else, but as a mermaid race of the sea female Douluo.Friends who have seen “Douluo mainland” are very clear that Zhu Zhuqing’s soul is the ghost cat, so there will be “cat catch fish, cat beat fish” and other comments, at the beginning, Qing Orange only when a joke to look at.However, when Zhu Zhuqing is knocked to the ground and spit blood, the content of the bullet screen changes again, it says that the cat can not fight the fish, because the opponent is “shark”, see here, Qing Chen instantly happy, do not say that the sea female Douluo originally is a mermaid race, is her attack skills, there is no similar to shark skills ah?How is it that a cat can’t beat a fish because it’s a shark?I don’t know how I’d feel if I heard this.And women from a bucket, shape, and fight even if one of the three beautiful Zhu Zhuqing do contrast, seems to be also not bad, especially when her tail into a beautiful leg, that is absolutely want appearance, have appearance level, to shape a figure of great beauty, with combined with the titles of bucket strength, how also not is much worse than Zhu Zhuqing, how can appear Zhu Zhuqing a fall,What about the mermaid turning into a shark?If this is the sea female douro know, estimate will be very angry?After all, from her appearance of the self-introduction can also hear, but this is very concerned about their own beauty and uglness of the Lord, although simple and lovely, but it is absolutely not easy to provoke, so if you know someone said so, estimated that the 90-year-old beauty dou Luo, will instantly incarnate Luo Sha Dou Luo?After all, beauty is very important to girls.But if this is said to come back, can also see everyone for Zhu Zhuqing care, because if it weren’t for her sea female dou luo hit to vomit blood, want to sea female dou luo identity also won’t because the cat but fish, and from the mermaid into a shark?Of course, these are just a joke, the most worth mentioning or this set of special effects screen, it is really beautiful, and usually see the kind of fighting screen, is completely different from the two kinds of beauty, is really good.