Guangdong advocates civil sacrifice without fireworks

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During the Qingming Festival, more people go out to sweep tombs and offer sacrifices at home. In addition, the increase of electricity consumption during the holiday increases the pressure of fire prevention.On April 2, the author learned from the Fire rescue Corps of Guangdong Province that before the Qingming Festival, fire departments in many places in the province went deep into communities, hotels, b&B, religious temples and other key places of fire safety to carry out fire safety inspection and propaganda work, and guide citizens to civilized sacrifice.Guangdong fire department reminds: when people go out to sweep tombs, they should strictly abide by the relevant regulations, try to choose the civilized way of offering flowers, planting trees and so on without fireworks, do not throw cigarette butts in the forest, grass.Jiangmen to carry out fire propaganda “knock on the door action” in recent days, Jiangmen fire detachment into the area of “three small places”, enterprises, for qingming fire safety hidden trouble investigation, and into the community to carry out fire propaganda “knock on the door action”, to the public, enterprise responsible for the popularization of fire safety knowledge.”Around Qingming Festival, we receive more warnings about wildfires caused by sacrifices.”Pengjiang District Baisha fire rescue station fire rescue staff Tan Yonglin introduced that it is difficult to control the fire, once caused by man-made causes of fire caused serious consequences, the parties may be sentenced for constituting the fire crime.”People are advised to choose civilized ways to offer sacrifices, such as offering a bouquet of flowers or planting a tree.”Jiangmen fire also entered part of the gas enterprises, to carry out fire safety inspection before the Tomb-sweeping Day, focusing on the inspection of enterprise fire facilities and equipment is complete and easy to use, to check the protection equipment of gas facilities.Shaoguan city fire rescue detachment recently, shaoguan city fire rescue detachment of supervisors to the area of some b&B hotels to carry out inspections.According to the characteristics of homestay hotels, fire supervisors focus on whether the use of flammable, combustible materials decoration;Check whether fire facilities and equipment are conspicuous and effective;Told the person in charge of the site to do a good job of fire safety training.On March 30th, fire monitors to nanhua temple and other religious places to carry out fire safety inspections, the key to the temple of fire safety management system, security personnel on duty during the tomb-sweeping day to ask such as content, and check the temple evacuation passages, exit is unblocked, fire fighting facilities and equipment is in accordance with the specifications, etc.”Temples and ancient buildings are mostly made of wood, which has a low fire resistance rating. In addition, there are many inflammable objects such as incense sticks and lamp oil in temples, which makes fire risk extremely high.”The fire watchdog said that religious sites and cultural relics should be equipped with fire extinguishers at the level of serious danger, and recommended the use of fire extinguishers weighing more than 5 kg.Shantou city through the streets to promote fire knowledge recently, shantou city fire rescue detachment united multiple forces, through the way of door-to-door, for the public to carry out fire hidden trouble investigation and popular science fire knowledge.”Be careful with electricity and fire. After boiling water and cooking, don’t forget to turn off the fire.”The fire supervisor, together with the fire safety grid members and fire volunteers of The Small Park street in Jinping District, came to the home of Chen Yi, an elderly person who lived alone, to popularize fire safety knowledge at home for her and remind her to pay attention to strengthen self-prevention awareness in daily life.Fire safety grid members and fire volunteers distributed fire publicity materials to shops along the street, explained fire safety precautions and operation and use of fire extinguishing equipment for operators in detail, and helped them to investigate and rectify fire safety hazards.Nanfang Daily reporter Guan Xiruyi correspondent Yue Xiaoxuan statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: