Hefei 29 802 807 bus temporarily suspended

2022-05-27 0 By

Hefei Public Transport Group Co., Ltd. has temporarily suspended bus routes 29, 802 and 807 from 8 o ‘clock on April 7, 2022. The resumption time will be further notice.B5 service hours will be adjusted from the same day.After the adjustment, B5 Binhu Wanda bus station service time 6:00 ~ 19:00, Hefei South Station service time 6:00 ~ 19:00.In addition, due to the construction of Dongzhi Road station of Hefei Railway Line 6, vehicles cannot turn left from south to west at the intersection of Dongzhi Road and Wangjiang West Road, affecting the normal passage of No. 8 bus.Hefei Bus Group company since April 8 temporary fine tuning 8 bus route direction and stops.Route of Bus No. 8: Start from “Heqing Road” station, pass Qingyuan Road ~ Badongshan Road ~ Huining North Road ~ Qingxi Road ~ West Second Ring Road ~ Changjiang West Road ~ Yuexi Road ~ Guici Road ~ Qianshan Road ~ Wangjiang Road ~ Dongzhi Road ~ Honggang Road, arrive at the first and last station of “Dingxiang Homeland”;Return from the first and last station of “Dingxiang Homeland”, via Shitai Road ~ Wangjiang Road ~ Qianshan Road ~ Changjiang West Road ~ West Second Ring Road ~ Qingxi Road ~ Huining North Road ~ Badongshan Road ~ Qingyuan Road, arrive at “Heqing Road Entrance” station.No.8 bus stops: qing road, dual water park, clip tong village, solid road, along the road, qing road, city nursery, golden pond, floor, li temple, yue long road, province skin diseases prevention institute, is expensive yue road, latent crossroads, eight jun yuan hillock, flourishing in Washington, xiushui garden, the provincial tourism school, rc, clove Ding Gang club home;Return, 8 bus dock clove homes, xiushui garden, jun yuan letter in Washington, xinhua international plaza, eight in the hillock, your potential intersection, 4, huaining road, 30 miles temple, who floor, golden pond, city nursery, qing huai road, along the road, lake road, LuZhou mansion, clip, double water pond village, qing road in the park.Li Kewu fang Cheng Xin ‘an Evening News Anhui network big Anhui reporter Yao Yiming