Jiang Peixin, a disabled retired soldier, led low-income villagers to write stories of common prosperity

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Every morning, at the “Guojian ‘an” breakfast restaurant in downtown, a cage of steaming steamed buns are freshly baked, providing a warm comfort for the people who visit the restaurant.Behind the fireworks is the hard work and perseverance of a disabled veteran.Jiang Peixin is a disabled retired soldier and a Party member.In May 2020, he came to Wenzhou to start his own business. From hundreds of thousands of yuan in debt, he has now opened more than 20 breakfast stores in the urban area, and helped more than 20 low-income villagers and comrades to start their own businesses in Wenzhou, leading them to become rich together.”I am both a helper and a helper. Wenzhou is the city that has given me a lot of love and warmth.”Jiang peixin said.Jiang Peixin, 33 years old, is a native of Aoli Gang Village, Baita Town, Xianju County. He grew up in a poor family and experienced all the hardships of life.In December 2007, he was drafted into the army and served in the Heilongjiang Border Defense Force. He was injured in a knee during a training and became a disabled soldier at the eighth level.Jiang retired in 2012.He married lu Feiyan, a woman from a neighboring village.The lu family was originally the village of low security, Lu Feiyan’s father died early, her mother’s eyes blind, her two uncles are disabled lonely old people.Jiang peixin’s poor family forced him to seek a way out.”The army life has trained my military will to struggle hard, let me learn not to give up in adversity, do not give up, brave and tenacious struggle.”Jiang Peixin said.Baita Xianju town has the reputation of “snack town”, engaged in snacks, breakfast business outside more than 3,000 people.With the help of his sister, Jiang peixin opened his first breakfast restaurant in Zhoushan city in the second half of 2013, earning his first bucket of gold.He then opened a robot restaurant, which lost money due to lack of experience.Later, he went to Yiwu, Hangzhou, Jiangxi and other places to set up shop, and adopted the form of store franchise to expand the market, but because of the failure to control the supply chain and franchise standards, coinciding with the national meat price rise, the store management is poor, Jiang Peixin therefore burdened with a debt.”This makes me realize the importance of food quality and safety, brand is to do quality, integrity is the root of the enterprise.”Jiang peixin said.As early as before, he registered the trademark of “Bite of An” breakfast, implying that enterprises should pay attention to “bite of safety”, and he is determined to take the quality of breakfast as the root of business expansion.”I had long heard that Wenzhou was a capital of entrepreneurship, so I wanted to come here and start over.”Jiang Peixin introduction.Despite the epidemic, he decided to come to Wenzhou in May 2020 to look for business opportunities.After coming to Wenzhou, he founded Wenzhou Shi ‘an Brand Management Co., LTD.With the habit of studying and learning developed in the army, Jiang Peixin turned the originally monotonous breakfast into a variety of distinctive flavors, and insisted on using good raw materials.His first store opened on Sept. 20, 2020, on Louqiao Street, Ouhai District, and business has been booming.Strike while the iron is hot, Jiang Peixin has opened a second, third…”When I came to Wenzhou, I found it is an amazing city, both for entrepreneurship and for doing business.”Jiang peixin said that many convenience stores and snack bars have their own chain brands. “A friend told me that wenzhou people have the ability to find opportunities and bring brands to the whole country, which changed my view of entrepreneurship and opened my business thinking.”The Wenzhou model emboldened Mr Jiang, who used the money he earned to set up a standard chemical plant.In the business model, he made breakfast like milk tea shop, get through the front and back end of the supply chain, to create intelligent and high standard factory assembly line, reduce labor costs, to ensure the safety of food supplies, in Wenzhou market started the “Guijian” brand, has opened more than 20 franchise chain stores in the city.Jiang Peixin said that wenzhou’s business environment is very good, also is the milk of human kindness, “when I came to wenzhou only ten yuan borrowed from relatives and friends, now not only paid off the money, they also opened many chain stores in the city, is the city of wenzhou, there are so many warm-hearted friends, gave me a business on the road a lot of real help.”Such as business friends Feng Yizhang and Sun Guoqing, rented the factory to Jiang Peixin production, and gave him a lot of business advice, ouhai District Bureau of Education learned that he retired soldier’s identity, to help solve his children’s study and employment problems, showing care and temperature.In order to better give back to the society, Jiang Peixin took out his own restaurant chain brand and free of franchise fees, to help many living and employment difficulties of comrades and fellow villagers to open a shop in Wenzhou, together to drive common prosperity.”Breakfast shops are low cost and make money if you work hard.I lend money to people who don’t have the capital to start a business.”Jiang peixin said.Wu Yongjian is a marginal household living on subsistence allowance in Aoligang Village, Baita Town, Xianju County, Taizhou City. He is also a retired soldier.With the help of Jiang Peixin, Wu Yongjian opened a breakfast shop in Wenzhou, where business was booming and he removed the “low side door” hat he had worn on his head for many years.”Old Jiang is my comrade-in-arms, is also a warm-hearted, to Wenzhou, my store decoration, kitchen equipment is his money to help me install, but also extra borrowed me 100,000 yuan.”Wu jianyong said that Jiang Peixin did not ask for anything in return, but wanted to help him. Now the average annual profit of the store is between 300,000 yuan and 400,000 yuan, and he used the money to pay off most of the debts owed by his family, and started to open a second franchise store. He wanted to return the money to Jiang Peixin when business was better.In addition to Wu Jianyong, Jiang Peixin also helped nearly 20 fellow villagers and comraes-in-arms to start a business in Wenzhou, which led to the employment of more than 100 people (including those he helped in Zhoushan and Yiwu before, a total of nearly 200 people).Most of them are retired soldiers living in poverty and low-income families.After coming to Wenzhou, many people made money, business has improved, but also bought a car in Wenzhou.In joining the chain store, Jiang Peixin set a rule: soldiers and soldiers children, model workers, disabled people can receive a cup of free soymilk every day, the cost to the company unified settlement.Jiang Peixin once experienced such a thing. When he went on a business trip to Jiangxi province in the early years, he jumped the queue to buy a ticket at the railway station with his disabled military id card because of urgent business, but was rejected by the number of people. He had mixed feelings inside.He thought that if the country did not pay soldiers, there would be no peaceful life of the people, a free cup of soy milk, is to remind everyone must respect the occupation of soldiers.In January of this year, Jiang Peixin heard from his friends that wenzhou Evening News and others were organizing a charity banquet, and decided to donate 10,000 yuan to the charity banquet to return wenzhou, the city of love.”I myself came from a poor family and suffered a lot. As a Communist party member and ex-soldier, it is my duty to make a contribution to common prosperity.”Jiang peixin said.Next year, Jiang plans to open a total of 50 stores in Wenzhou, and he says he wants to continue his philanthropic work.”As long as ex-servicemen and people in need, they are welcome to start their own businesses with me. I hope to help them continue their journey of common prosperity.”Jiang Peixin said with a smile.All articles, pictures belong to the original author, if there is infringement, please contact to delete