Liu Haocun studio issued a statement, calling on netizens not to believe false statements

2022-05-27 0 By

On the evening of February 3, Liu Haocun’s official studio issued a statement, saying that many Internet users openly spread false statements about Liu Haocun on online platforms, including “false resources”, and made personal attacks and malicious smearings of Liu, urging the public not to believe and spread rumors.According to the studio’s statement, the content posted by Internet users about Liu’s participation in films such as Chongqing Forest 2020, Nightlife, Mother’s Gift and The Legend of Two Lovers in Black Mountain and Black Water are all fabricated by malicious people with ulterior motives and are completely untrue.Liu Haocun studio severely condemned the above malicious rumors, smear behavior.The studio has clarified and advised some source users to delete it at the first time, but it has not deleted it yet.Some network users even physically abused Ms. Liu Haocun’s fans and harassed relatives and friends, causing extremely bad negative impact, which has evolved into network violence.Liu Haocun studio said that on the occasion of the Chinese New Year, Liu Haocun and liu Haocun studio wish everyone a happy New Year, please do not eat melon, do not believe melon, everything is subject to the official announcement of the work.Best wishes to the movies that are showing and the movies that are not mentioned in the statement.At present, the movie “Four Seas” starring Liu Haocun is in the hot release, Liu haocun thinks that Tan plays Zhou Huansong is always “on the road” character, tough and optimistic attitude also has a little bit like himself.Speaking about the relationship between A Yao, played by Liu Haoran, and Huan Song, Liu haocun described the two as giving, dependent and independent, “like a pair of magnets. When you turn around, you can embrace each other.”In this film, Liu Haoran and Liu Haocun give audiences youthful performances.