Occupying taichung lawmakers’ seats, the Democratic Party shouted “Sit five, hope six, tie seven”

2022-05-27 0 By

Taipei vice Mayor Tsai Bing-kun announced the first wave of candidates for the taichung municipal council ahead of the Lunar New Year’s election, and the second wave will be announced later this year, Taiwan media reported on January 29.During the election campaign for Taichung mayor, CAI bingkun stressed that this year’s election must be an election war, and he is also considering whether to run for election, but at present his family members do not agree with him, and they are still discussing.Democrats, taichung city, Taiwan parties to choose the first day of the holiday during the Spring Festival, “lunar New Year, picking up New Year” activities, ping-kun tsai and taichung parties acting chair Guo Dahong wrote “people”, “win”, respectively, 5 taichung city councillor nominee (write down “the tiger turned things around,” show Democrats under the blue green will seek expectations.Democrats party, taichung city, points out that the first wave of nominees including current in the Yangtze river and running in the big tree, fog peak area, also for long Zhang Ruicang will invest tam god city councillor campaign, and the other is engaged in the job Lin Junkai will invest situn district council elections, 47, western, central, 33 HongXinRen Xu Ruihong will run run south tuen mun district councillors, and later will also announce the second wave of the nomination list.”The Democratic Party is a new political party and will fight a group war in the election. If it has nominees for mayor, councillor and chief, it can show the strength of the Democratic Party,” Said CAI.He has been evaluating this period of time. The first consideration is that he must come up with ideas to make Taichung better, and Taichung does have better conditions.Another consideration is personal subjective will. At present, the family still has different opinions and needs more communication and discussion.CAI stressed that the Democratic Party has evaluated “hen takes chicken” in all its nominations for the six capitals, and Taoyuan is even considering the selection by ballot. According to the election schedule, it should be confirmed in March or April this year.The population of Taichung, a swing state, has been growing in recent years.It’s really hard to say at the moment.