Remembering the revolutionary martyrs and inheriting the red gene!Qingzhen Wangzhuang Primary School launched a series of qingming Festival activities

2022-05-27 0 By

On the eve of Qingming Festival, Qingzhen Wangzhuang Primary School launched a series of activities with the theme of “Remembering revolutionary martyrs and inheriting the red gene” to further strengthen the education of revolutionary tradition, inspire young pioneers to establish national pride and historical responsibility, and comprehensively enhance the patriotism and love the Party.During the activity, the squadrons of Wangzhuang Primary School carried out the speech activity themed “Remembering the revolutionary martyrs, telling the red story”. The young Pioneers collected their stories about the revolutionary martyrs and shared them with other young Pioneers in the form of speech.Organize students and their parents to carry out online activities of offering sacrifices to the martyrs online, and express their deep sorrow and high respect to the revolutionary martyrs through flowers and messages on the Internet.Poetry reading activities and hand-copied pictorial display activities, clear reading sound, illustrated and creative hand-copied pictorial, let this special festival in the hearts of students leave a unique impression.In addition, also organized representatives of the Young Pioneers to the Acropolis town Yang Shunqing martyrs monument, carry out memorial activities, listen to the story of the martyrs, and will be made by the small chrysanthemum gently placed in front of the martyrs, to express the grief of the martyrs.Lin Wenlan editor Yang Houxin editor Ding zuo Qi Hu Fumao