Reporters help | help hour news baby diagnosis of pneumonia, the Spring Festival and the parents to take in low temperature

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Qianjiang Evening News · Hour news reporter Shi Wen Correspondent Lu Sang Sang New Year’s Eve, Hangzhou is in the confinement of a treasure mother Lady Bai to hour news “reporters help” to help.In the past two days, Ms. Bai’s 28-day-old baby showed symptoms of fever and cough, but there was no fever and cough medicine for infants at home. When she wanted to go to the drugstore, she was worried that the medicine would not be dispensed. When she wanted to go to the hospital, she heard that there were long queues in the nearest big hospitals.Yesterday night (January 31), Ms. White felt the baby a little lethargy, cough, milk decreased and non-stop crying.”My cough is not frequent, only two or three coughs occasionally, but I’m still very anxious. I don’t want to queue up for a big hospital. I want to see a doctor nearby, but I don’t know where to go…”Ms. Bai’s home in Yuhang, hour news reporters consult yuhang health bureau learned that yuhang three district-level hospitals yuhang second hospital, Yuhang third hospital, Liangzhu Hospital Spring Festival is not “closed”, can visit the doctor.Considering that Ms. Bai’s home is closest to yuhang Second Hospital, hour news reporters contacted Yuhang second Hospital, learned that the first day of the lunar New Year’s day hospital pediatric treatment is also normal.Today (February 1) afternoon, Ms. Bai’s family took the baby to yuhang Second hospital for medical treatment, receiving is pediatrician Fu Keyong.Dr. Fu told hour news, “according to parents, mother caught a cold, first baby cough cases have three days, although is the occasional cough, but I found children double check lung has phlegmy, pharyngeal hyperemia, considering that may have bronchitis or pneumonia, offered to children sternum, routine blood further check.”A chest X-ray revealed that the baby was diagnosed with pneumonia, and Fu suggested hospitalization.Winter is the high incidence of bronchitis and pneumonia in children, before the Spring Festival holiday, this kind of child patients in the Yuhang Second Hospital of pediatric reception is very high.Next, Hangzhou is another wave of low temperature rain and snow weather.Dr. Fu especially reminded that we must do a good job of warm work, try not to take the baby to visit relatives and friends, New Year dinner, to avoid cross-infection of the virus.Within 6 months of the newborn heart and lung function development is not perfect, their own resistance is weak, more prone to infection of respiratory diseases, even a few slight cough, parents can not be taken lightly, must be timely to the hospital for medical treatment.”This article is the original work of Qianjiang Evening News. Without permission, it is forbidden to reprint, copy, extract, rewrite and spread online, otherwise, the newspaper will pursue the legal responsibility of the infringer through judicial channels.