“Village love” began, Xie Bigfoot appeared to let people break defense, Wu Mengda as she, with what?

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January 24, in the year of the tiger lunar New Year approaches, 14 of the country love “started, see the moon fairy teacher plays the bigfoot aunts, many audiences to break the proof, could not help but shed tears, miss together the best actor who died in 2021 of actors are many, but resonate in so large, is only in the month, even if is the headmaster,Not to be so defenceless!Yu Yuexian, who is she?When news of Yu Yuexian’s accident came on August 9, 2021, netizens were overwhelmed with grief.Some people think that “Country Love 14” may be Yu Yuexian’s last song on the screen, later from her death, we know that “Country Love 15″ has been filmed in July 2021, feeling that this TV series with many people grow up will lose a familiar actor, si Ren has passed away, can only miss through works.”Country love” series, is around the ivory Hill family of the parents of a few rural emotional comedy, in the national visibility is very high, is the national level.The classic characters have become familiar names, and many of the classic scenes have become popular online meme.Especially the scriptwriter to do particularly good, the plot design is reasonable, in line with the actual situation, very grounding gas, but this kind of parents and brief condensed into a TV series, so that the plot is full of funny and cheerful atmosphere, visible scriptwriter deep skill.Especially rare is “Country love” shot the true appearance of the northeast countryside, many northeast people feel very real, the characters inside as if from the side to come out.There are male and female protagonists in the TV series, but careful viewers will find that the plot is almost all about a few women, which shows the magnanimity of northeast women and the high status of northeast women.The women in it are all career-minded people, and each female character has an independent personality. It can be regarded as a group drama.For example, the scene of Liu Neng being kicked down by his daughter-in-law has become a memorable famous scene.Although Xie Bigfoot is a single woman, but she manages her own snack shop, can do independent strong, admirable.There is also the famous scene in which a group of women gather to drink baijiu with a pride that many men would be ashamed of.Yu Yuexian not only starred in the Country Love series, but also acted in many movies and TV dramas, portraying many classic roles.Every time one of those classic characters appeared on screen, danmu would exclaiming, “Oh my God, why didn’t I know it was Bigfoot?”In the CCTV version of Outlaws of the Marsh, Yu yuexian plays Jin Cuilian, the duped singing girl in the lutitian Boxing fight in Kansai.As we all know, “water Margin” casting is very harsh, even an insignificant shopkeeper acting is admirable, not to mention a lot of jin Cuilian, but she caused lutiha monk Wutai Mountain and a series of key characters.On the moon fairy jin Cuilian early and later became zhao outside the satisfied interpretation of the room is in place.In Journey to the West, Yu Yuexian surprised many with her portrayal of Chen Wuzhen, a demon who escapes from the underworld.Chen Wuzhen sometimes fu enchanting sometimes very hot cruel, changeable character is under the control of the moon fairy get a good conversion, do not feel abrupt.Her wonderful acting has left a deep impression on Chen Wuzhen, who has become a “shadow of childhood” for many people.Si Ren has passed away, Yu Yue Xian left everyone to go to the distant kingdom of heaven, but many of the classic roles she created will remain in the world forever, with the passage of time, her light will not dim, only become more gorgeous.