After dropping five points in the fourth round of the Premier League, Manchester City are only six points ahead of Liverpool after hitting the brakes

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Is the Premier League title still in doubt? When Manchester City beat Chelsea at home a month ago, most people thought it was.The biancocelesti were 12 points ahead of the biancocelesti, who had not been in form since December and were still suffering from the Club World Cup, and did not seem to pose much of a threat.Liverpool also trail Manchester City by 11 points, and with mane and Salah still in action at the African Cup of Nations, look even more unlikely to defeat the blue moon of the Premiership.The key moment, Guardiola has maintained an unusual calm.”Of course we are ahead and if Liverpool win their remaining games it is eight points and Chelsea might not be in the same position.Guardiola said.At that time the schedule did not arrive 2/3, Guardiola is also hope that the disciples do not slack off.But his warning to his disciples turned out to be a prophecy.Liverpool the horse method, as well as Arnold, Robertson, it is precisely these two full-backs cross skills to help the team for the threat, plus dias, horse and salah return to Liverpool after more is better, the carling cup at home draw with Arsenal, Liverpool after all competitions benjani, had eight wins in a row.It was City who kept on putting on the brakes.Manchester City held saints to a draw in round 23 of the Barclays Premier League after holding 70% of the ball and shooting twice as many shots at goal.This round host face spurs, sharpening the blue moon this desire to complete revenge, did not think of the old enemy did not report and add new hate.Tottenham, who had lost three games in a row, were not deterred by city’s terrifying home atmosphere, but showed amazing fighting ability.Tottenham opened the scoring just four minutes into the game, with Kane returning the attack and son’s unselfish cross from Edson and Khurusevski hitting an open goal.Tottenham’s goal also showed the characteristics of the game. Compared with City’s penetration, Tottenham played more directly, taking the lead on the counter-attack, surrounding Kane, who retreated to the midfield, and then using Kane to find Son to play behind City.Tottenham had only two shots on goal in the first half.Comparatively Speaking, City played very thin, sterling, de Braunay, foden and others between the frequent cross-position to create opportunities.City dominated possession 68% to 32% in the first 17 minutes and were 6-1 ahead in shots on goal in the first 24 minutes.From the 15th minute onwards, City were on the verge of a furious attack from the left, rattling spurs’ penalty area.The 16th minute, Cansello left even two people into the penalty area to shoot the far corner wide.In the 18th minute, Cansello and Sterling combined to hit the wall and hit a shot from a small Angle into the left side of the penalty area, which lloris fell down and saved.The most unfortunate thing was in the 20th minute, when Sterling drew three men and turned back, Kyundoan turned in the penalty area and shot past the post.Short ones don’t work. Try longer ones.The 30 th minute rhodri right 45 degrees Angle cross, Jingdogan scorpion tail wide.City equalised in the 32nd minute when Raheem Sterling’s cross from the left was saved from lloris by De Braunne and Kyundoan converted.Half the battle, the two sides into 1:1.Easy side rematch, dominant possession or City.Blue Moon had 90 percent possession in the first nine minutes of the second half.Compared with the first half, Guardiola’s side played more on the right and played more long balls at the top of the penalty area.However, with Spurs holding the defence together, there was no opportunity for city’s players.It was not until the 62nd minute that City scored their first shot of the second half.Tottenham side to the same should change, is to play Manchester city behind, let the other side very uncomfortable.In the 53rd minute, Son heung-min’s shot into the top of the penalty area was confiscated by Ederson.Six minutes later, Tottenham took the lead and Kane found Son with a long pass. After City cleared the ball, Tottenham set up the second attack and Kane kept scoring with a long pass from the left.Tottenham almost doubled their lead in the 73rd minute when a long ball on the counter-attack found Khurusevski on the right, who crossed into the box for Kane to score, but the goal was ruled out for offside after VAR review.Tottenham were 3-1 ahead on positive shots after being 3-3 on goal in the first 14 minutes of the second half, reflecting the team’s counter-attack efficiency.City, in the absence of short passes and long passes, simply shot from the outside, but Kyndoan’s 65th minute effort was saved by Lloris.Unable to equalize the score, Manchester City players a little anxious, de Braunay and others on the grab when the action is a little big, the home fans later also booed, Guardiola also had to walk to the side of the team.Conte replaced Son Heung-min with young Lucas, and continued to suppress City’s counterattack.City equalised in the 88th minute when de Braunay’s 45-degree cross into the box was awarded a penalty for romero’s handball.However, late in injury time, City conceded to Tottenham when Kulusevski’s cross from the right was headed home by Kane for 3-2.With the win tottenham ended a three-game losing streak and are four points behind Manchester United in fourth place.Manchester City have dropped five points in four games to reduce their lead over Liverpool to six with a game in hand as the race for the Premier League title becomes increasingly tight.