Children who are often bullied at school are mostly from three types of families, so don’t ignore them

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School is the ivory tower in the eyes of parents, without the cheating and power struggle of adult society, but in this should be full of laughter in the campus, but like a small society, emerged a lot of bullying or bullying students.More than 50 percent of more than 36,000 people surveyed said they had experienced bullying at school, according to the previously released public Perception survey data “Seeing Bullying.”Victims of bullying said it was difficult to treat it as an occasional occurrence, and that the experience caused them to drop out of school, change schools, or refuse to go to school for a short time.Chen Sihan was an ordinary student, but because of a trivial matter, he offended a classmate, who together with several bullies verbally insulted and physically abused Chen. However, Chen did not want to make a big deal, so he chose to tolerate and accept.After school that day, the bullies dragged Chen out of school, beat him up and humiliated him in an unmonitored alley.In a trance, Chen took a knife from a bystander and when the bully noticed, he stabbed him in the back. At the same time, Chen stabbed him in the chest and lost consciousness.It was the beginning of Chen’s dark life when he awoke to learn that the stabbed bully had died of his injuries.As a result of this incident, Chen sihan’s parents compensated the victim’s family with 110,000 yuan, which was not the end of the case. After the classmates jointly requested a lighter punishment, Chen sihan was sentenced to 8 years in prison.At that time, Chen sihan was only 15 years old.In prison, Chen never gave up studying and earned an associate’s degree in criminal law through his own efforts.The case not only aroused admiration for his efforts, but also made people feel helpless for his experience.If it had not been for the eight-year sentence, Chen sihan might have been admitted to a university and graduated successfully, just like ordinary students.Family Factors of bullying Victims Teachers reported that students who become bullies at school are often influenced by family factors and identified three types of families in which vulnerable students fall.The main characteristic of this kind of family is that they do not distinguish right from wrong, and always say that they want to make small things.This type of parent makes it clear to the child that no one will “back them up” or praise them for doing the right thing, so the child chooses to “report the good rather than the bad.”This kind of student is like an island in school, no one cares or believes, they just suffer in silence, which makes them targets for bullies.The self-destructive family is characterized by the tendency to blame all the problems on the children, such as “Why do they bully you instead of others?”When children are bullied, they are helpless and afraid. When they summon up the courage to tell their parents, instead of being comforted, they are lectured and humiliated. As a result, they will only endure and become the victims of bullying.At the same time, the bullies’ interest will be piqued by their tolerance.3. “Neglect” family This kind of family leaves the child with no one to rely on, and the pain of confiding and asking for help will only be met by the parents’ mild advice, also known as “sarcastic words”.It boils down to parental neglect of their children.In such families, children know that their parents will not help them, and they are afraid to ask others for help. Instead, they will tolerate themselves, which makes them a target of bullies.For students who have not yet gone out of society, family is the most stable and reliable haven, and parents are their biggest help and dependence.During this time, parents must fulfill their responsibility to create a harmonious, stable and safe home environment for their children.Parents also need to teach their children how to face all kinds of things in advance from an early age, so that children can get rid of the identity of bullying.Hope everyone can benefit from it, better education children, let children grow up happily!