Heart!Four people were killed and two injured

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Three people were killed and three others injured in a small car crash in Huaining County, Anqing City, At about 14:30 On February 5, according to the website of the Anhui Provincial Emergency Management Department.The cause of the accident is under investigation.Anhui emergency manage hall website screenshot road ten million safety first anhui police released today the lunar New Year holiday return tip del anhui anticipation high-speed traffic police will appear in the February 6, the highest peak (people) at 12 to 19 points, jam mainly concentrated in transit in the province from west to east direction and high-speed channel sections, the reconstruction and easy traffic jam are:1, G36 Ningluo expressway bengbu to Chuzhou section from west to east direction.Detour route: to nanjing direction of the vehicle can be from the Ming Light east road, along the provincial road to Nanjing, or from G3 Beijing-Taiwan high-speed to S12 Chuxin high-speed to S98 Chuzhou branch reached G40 Shanghai-Shaanxi high-speed into Nanjing.2. S12 Chuxin Expressway Bagong Mountain Service area to Changfeng Hub section from west to east.Detour route: Vehicles to Hefei can get off maoji Road and follow National Highway 206 to Reach Hefei.3. G40 Shanghai-Shaanxi Expressway hexaye section from west to east.Detour route: vehicles heading for Hefei can arrive at Hefei along National Highway 312.4. G4212 Hean High-speed line from south to north.Detour route: passing vehicles can from Tongcheng, Shucheng, Lujiang road, along national Highway 330 or 206 to Reach Hefei.5, G5011 wuhe high-speed Saddle Shanxi hub to nanjing direction.Detour route: Vehicles in the Direction of Shanghai, Zhejiang can be along G4221 Huwu high-speed transfer to S11 Chaohuang high-speed reach Wuhu Second Bridge, through G50 Huyu high-speed to other places.G50 Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway along the River from west to east direction.Detour route: via vehicles from tongling road, along the provincial road to Fanchang or Nanling again on the road.G50 Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway Xuan-Guang section from west to eastDetour route: via vehicles from Xuancheng road, along 318 provincial road to Guangde, from Guangde west again on the road.The majority of drivers must pay attention to the road conditions along the way through navigation, broadcasting, weibo and other ways before going out, plan the route reasonably, return at the wrong time and peak, and pay attention to avoid the road prone to congestion.Please make a good driving route planning before going out;During travel, we can pay attention to real-time road information through radio, variable information board and electronic display screen along the expressway, map navigation APP, etc., and pay attention to driving safety. In case of traffic congestion, we can reasonably choose nearby toll stations or national and provincial trunk highways to bypass.Please drive carefully on the highway with heavy traffic to prevent rear-end collision and other accidents.In case of bad weather, please do “slow down, control distance, bright tail”;In case of a traffic accident, please do “pull to the side of the car, people evacuated, namely the alarm”.Sources: Xin ‘an Evening News, Anhui Net, Anhui News, Jianghuai Morning Post