Luohe Detachment continued to carry out fire safety publicity activities during the Spring Festival

2022-05-28 0 By

In order to implement the city’s fire protection publicity during the Spring Festival and ensure that the whole city’s people spend a happy and peaceful Spring Festival, luohe Fire Rescue Detachment does not close during the Spring Festival, and organizes publicity staff to carry out diversified fire protection publicity activities, creating a strong fire protection publicity atmosphere.First, the traditional propaganda does not close.During the Spring Festival, in order to enhance the public awareness of fire safety, improve the enthusiasm of the masses to participate in fire safety work, to ensure the stability of the fire situation during the festival.The team propagandist went into the community, into the village market, into the flow of concentrated stations, shopping malls, scenic spots, etc., set up the information desk, issued fire propaganda materials to the past masses, explained fire knowledge to the masses on the spot, distributed fire small gifts, improve the masses fire safety awareness, tamp the masses fire safety foundation.Second, the video publicity is not closed.The detachment carefully recorded the fire propaganda video and propaganda banner, actively launched the area of key units, residential areas, using banners, LED screens throughout the day non-stop play fire propaganda slogans, continue to promote the Spring Festival fire safety publicity work.”Ensure that the fire passageway is unblocked”, “in case of fire, call 119 to report to the police in time”, “don’t forget three things when you go out: cut off water, power and gas”, “fire safety should not be forgotten, the corridor should be unobstructed”.LED video playback and propaganda banners always remind people to form a safe habit of using fire and electricity.A mobile fire classroom in the invisible, so that fire safety knowledge imperceptible into everyone’s life.Third, wechat publicity is not closed.During the festival, the detachment carried out the “palm fire protection” mode. On the basis of the wechat group of epidemic prevention and control fire protection work established in the city, it assigned special personnel to guide the relevant responsible persons, managers and personnel of micro fire stations of key units under the area to carry out online self-examination and self-correction of fire safety risks.At the same time, the detachment in the form of wechat, will be easy to understand, close to life fire safety knowledge to social units to push a group, always remind the masses of the holiday at the same time do not forget fire prevention.By Zhou Taijiang