Recall, the year of the Ox city special police welcome, peace Xingxiang Ruihu year

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Suddenly, it’s another year.The lights are still flashing, the road is still busy, time can change our appearance, but can not change our shoulder responsibility and guardian mission 01.In early 2021, 109 comrades of the SPECIAL Police Detachment went to the core area of the Epidemic in Nangong and carried out a 40-day anti-epidemic mission. They built their own tent camp and worked continuously for more than 12 hours a day in the cold of minus 20 degrees Celsius.He has excellently completed various tasks such as the relocation of residents from the epidems-related villages, elimination of the epidemic area, guard duty at the checkpoint and supervision of epidemic prevention, and has been praised by the Red List of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government headquarters for many times.In addition, the team strictly carry out the disease prevention and control measures, and yan yan to prepare please terminate his/her leave is reported to the examination and approval and go out, fine and thin grasp of all the members of the behavior of the track and health status, to ensure that the team of the year 310 “zero infection”, whole team “zero risk”, put an end to happen “attrition”, to carry out all tasks to eliminate safety hidden trouble.02. Look, is blue “iron roses” on September 28, swat teams to participate in the provincial public security special police “red blue against” pull drills, report to the provincial party committee, the provincial government, ministries and agencies and other leaders shows ChangDuanQiang swaps, sniper rifle, play tag, and other excellent shooting subjects, especially shows the policewoman shooting subjects, belong to the province display for the first time;At the same time, more than 400 special police officers from 19 county buretions participated in the formation oath, showing the province the fearless spirit of xingtai special police battle with me and I will win, which was fully affirmed by leaders at all levels, and the provincial department specially issued a circular to commend it.Refusing to get out of the car and breaking the window!In order to give full play to the city’s 2500 synthetic combat effectiveness of the patrol, in recent years, the team level in the cities and counties in two consecutive big training activities, especially in June, has organized the city’s policeman pulling exercises, subjects with a knife axe cut down, the vicious incidents such as vehicle collision, the end of November, held a grand meeting activities, special police system in the cityThe team’s carrying and pulling capacity, long-distance operation, actual combat disposal and comprehensive support capacity have been comprehensively tested. The overall pattern of “large emergency response and large stability maintenance” of the city’s special patrol police with graded response, cross-district reinforcement and synthetic operation has been basically formed.Mom, I double 叒 to see the police uncle!In 2021, the SPECIAL Police Detachment carried out all-round reform on the service mode, compressed the rest time comprehensively, increased the patrol group, and increased the number of daily street police by 50%, which significantly improved the alarm rate and rapid response capacity.In particular, it has set up a professional motorcycle fast counter-mobile team, which is not only responsible for normal patrol and control tasks, but also responsible for quick handling of emergencies, real-time control of core sites and hierarchical reinforcement of emergency forces. It has set up a multidimensional public security prevention and control system, which has significantly improved people’s sense of security and satisfaction.I’m afraid I’m not running!The SPECIAL Police Detachment continues to promote the project of “solving small cases and warming the hearts of the people”, and has in-depth cooperation with the criminal police detachment, the technical investigation detachment, the information center and the local public security, establishing a combined strike mechanism of “information sharing, cooperative research and judgment, technical support and investigation on the ground”.Since the beginning of this year, around the “Li Jian Cast Shield 2021 special Action”, special police plainclothes team arrested a total of 74 criminal suspects of various types, solved more than 450 cases.In particular, on the basis of in-depth investigation and judgment of the special police detachment, the joint police detachment, The South and the District bureau, The Xindu branch and other units, successfully detected the “huge theft of diesel truck”, “trans-provincial major theft of high-grade wine” and other series of cases, the group, has achieved a good social response.A series of cases of stealing campus property were detected and reported by CCTV 2.06. Be loyal, rooted in the heart around “the education reorganization” general requirements, adhere to the party to promote team building, study and establish the special police detachment party construction planning, build the cultural corridor with “loyalty” as the theme of the party, the party construction and operation and the deployment, and the examination, and implement, to form the “style of government ethics, party policing” virtuous circle;Seize and culture is a typical mining, emergency ChuTu brigade as the provincial “youth civilization”, xiao-tao zhao commissar been evaluated as outstanding party workers by the provincial party committee, professor li won the “national good up to the good young” comrade, comrade Zhang Yanchao crowned national excellent league member, won the second personal merit citation class ii, 1 comrade comrade 10 won the individual class, the 11 comrade get reward.07. Perhaps, this is the warmest embrace. The SPECIAL Police Detachment continues to launch the “characteristic brand” of love service — it has established a “one-to-one escort mechanism” with more than 30 foreign enterprises such as Beiguo Mall and Dongshizheng Property.”Safe community construction mechanism” has been established with more than 10 communities with high incidence of cases. Fushui B District and other communities have achieved “zero incidence of cases” for three consecutive years.In more than 20 primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, including the city’s No. 3 primary school and No. 8 Middle School, we carried out the work of “guarding the campus”, regularly carried out activities to promote the legal system into the campus, and detected more than 10 cases of robbing teachers and students’ property.In April, a special police patrol officer jumped into a river and saved a man from drowning, which was widely praised by the public.Under the lanterns, the Tiger has quietly arrived. Let us take you with this special memory to bid farewell to the spirit of the ox and welcome the vitality of the tiger tiger. May the coming year be as good as ever.