Starting March 1st!The application for the 2022 National Education science Planning project has been arranged

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On February 8, the announcement of the 2022 National Education science Planning Project was released.According to the announcement, this year’s trial of online declaration, the “project declaration system” in the “National Education and Science Planning and Management Platform” is the only online platform for this declaration, will be online from 0:00 on March 1, 2022 to 24:00 on April 1, 2022.Read the full text of the announcement with Gan Xiaojiao.With the approval of the Leading Group of The National Education Science Planning, the Guide for major Bidding and Key Projects in Education of The National Social Science Foundation of China in 2022 is hereby issued, and the relevant matters concerning the application of the National Education Science Planning project in 2022 are announced as follows:1. Application and evaluation of the 2022 National Education Science Planning Projects, adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, fully implement the guiding principles of the 19th National Congress and previous plenary sessions of the 19th CPC National Congress, and thoroughly implement the CPC Central Committee’s Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Philosophy and Social Sciences with Chinese Characteristics.Comprehensive implementation of xi jinping, general secretary of the importance of education and national education conference spirit, adhere to the correct political orientation, value orientation and academic orientation, insisted on the main direction of important theoretical and practical problems, adhere to the basic research and applied research, and play a demonstration role in the national education scientific planning project,To promote the construction of the discipline system, academic system and discourse system of pedagogy with Chinese characteristics, better prosper China’s scientific research and better serve the overall work of the Party and the country.When applying for the national educational science program, we should reflect the distinctive characteristics of The Times, be problem-oriented and have a sense of innovation, and strive to present research results that represent the right direction and reflect national standards.Basic research should keep close track of domestic and foreign academic development and frontier trends of discipline construction, and strive to promote innovation of discipline system, academic system and discourse system, with subjectivity, originality and high academic thought value.The applied research should be based on the needs of the cause development of the Party and the country, focus on the overall, strategic and forward-looking major theoretical and practical issues of education development, and be realistic, targeted and of high reference value for decision-making.Applicants must meet the following requirements: abide by the Constitution and laws of the People’s Republic of China;Have the ability to carry out research independently and organize research, and be able to undertake substantive research work;Applicants for national major and key projects must have senior professional titles (positions) and be able to take on the responsibility of organizing and guiding research projects.Applicants for national general projects must have a professional title (position) or a doctor’s degree above deputy senior level.Those who do not hold professional and technical titles (including deputy senior titles) or doctoral degrees can apply for national Youth Projects, Key projects of the Ministry of Education and Youth Projects of the Ministry of Education, without the recommendation of experts in writing.National Youth and Ministry of Education youth Project applicants should be under the age of 35 (born after April 1, 1987).Members of the research group must obtain their consent and signature for confirmation, otherwise it will be regarded as violation of the declaration.Applicants can recruit overseas researchers to participate in the application as members of the research group according to the actual needs of the research.Full-time is reading graduate student cannot apply.Postdoctoral staff in the station can apply, among which full-time postdoctoral should apply from the postdoctoral workstation, on-the-job postdoctoral can apply from the work unit or postdoctoral workstation.The applicant’s institution should meet the following requirements: strong academic resources and research strength in the relevant field;A functional department for scientific research management;Can provide the necessary conditions to carry out the research work and promise the credibility guarantee.If a part-time employee applies for a national educational and scientific planning project from the part-time employer, the part-time employer shall check the authenticity of the formal employment relationship of the part-time employee, undertake the project management responsibilities and promise to guarantee its reputation.Major bidding and key projects (including major and key entrusted projects) of the National Social Science Foundation of China will be set up in 2022.In principle, only 1 project should be established for each topic.The research content and undertaker of the entrusted project shall be determined by the leading group of national Educational Science Planning.Vi. Continue to establish the Western Education Project of National Social Science Foundation in 2022.The project is used to fund education researchers working in the western region, focusing on major theoretical and practical issues in the reform and development of education in the western region, so as to better serve the education and social development in the western region.The western project has national general and national youth projects, which are applied and evaluated together with annual projects. It is not necessary to indicate separately as western projects when applying. The funding intensity and requirements are the same as those of national general and national youth projects, and its management methods are implemented according to the project management requirements of national general or national youth in the National Educational and Scientific Planning.The special educational research project of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan will be established in this year. The research funds will be provided by relevant departments and bureaus of the Ministry of Education. The organization and application methods and funding intensity are the same as the requirements of the key projects of the Ministry of Education in the National Education And Scientific Planning.Applicants can apply for the key issues in education in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.Only guidelines for major national tenders and key subjects will be set in 2022, and no guidelines will be set for other subjects.For applications for major tenders and key topics, the names shall be consistent with the Guidelines and shall not be changed or subtitled;Major bidding topics need to participate in on-site defense. Failure to participate in defense will be regarded as an automatic waiver.The major and key topics of flow mark can be studied through the form of delegation.For other subjects, applicants should choose their own names and encourage prospective and innovative research that reflects national needs and international trends.The description of self-designed topic name should be scientific, rigorous, standard and concise, avoiding ambiguity or controversy.The nine projects covered 14 disciplines.In accordance with the national education scientific planning project requisition “(hereinafter referred to as the” application form “) and the national social science fund of pedagogy major (key) project bidding book “(hereinafter referred to as the” tender “) list of discipline classification code to fill in the corresponding discipline, interdisciplinary research topic to “close to the first” principle, to choose a subject to declare.In 2022, the national Educational science planning projects will continue to apply for quotas, and quotas will be assigned separately.The provincial leading group office of Educational Scientific Planning, the universities directly under the Ministry of Education, the departments and bureaus within the Ministry, the directly affiliated units, and the universities jointly built by the ministry and province should focus on improving the quality of application and properly controlling the number of application, especially to reduce the repeated application of similar topics.The amount of funding for the applied projects is: 600,000 YUAN for major education projects, 350,000 yuan for key projects, 200,000 yuan for general projects, 200,000 yuan for youth projects and 200,000 yuan for western projects of the National Social Science Foundation.The key project of the Ministry of Education is 50,000 yuan, and the youth project is 30,000 yuan.The applicant shall, in accordance with the requirements of the “National Educational Science Planning Project Management Measures” and “National Social Science Fund Project Fund Management Measures” (see our website for details), determine the category of the project to be declared, and prepare a scientific and reasonable budget according to the actual needs.In principle, the maximum time limit for the completion of the twelfth National Educational science planning project should not exceed 5 years. The basic theoretical research is generally 3-5 years, and the applied countermeasure research is generally 2-3 years.In order to avoid multiple applications, cross applications and repeated project approval, and to ensure that applicants have enough time and energy to engage in research, the application of the 2022 National Education and Science Planning project is limited as follows:(1) The project leader can only apply for one national educational science planning project in the same year, and cannot participate in other national educational science planning project applications as a member of the research group;Members of the research group can apply for two national educational science planning projects at most in the same year.Members of the research group working on the national project can participate in at most one national educational science project application.(2) The principals of the national Social Science Foundation of China, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Educational Science Planning Project, the Humanities and Social Science Project of the Ministry of Education and other national scientific research projects under development are not allowed to apply for the new National Educational Science planning project (if the completion certificate is marked before April 1, 2022,Or have submitted qualified closing materials before April 1, can apply.If the latter is the national Education science planning project, it should be verified with the National Education science Planning Leading Group Office. If the latter is not the national Education science planning project, it should be attached with the proof of the time of sending the closing materials from the local scientific research administrative departments or the time of checking and submitting the materials in the Scientific research innovation Service Management platform of the National Social Science Fund).(3) of the national natural science fund projects, the national social science fund, Ministry of Education of humanities and social science research project general and other state-level scientific research projects cannot apply for in the same year, the head of the national education scientific planning project, the team members also not as head of the same or similar content subject to apply for the national education scientific planning project.(4) It is not allowed to evade the provisions of articles (1) to (3) above by changing the responsible units, and it is not allowed to submit applications in the names of different applicants with basically identical or similar application materials.The requirements of tenderers for major projects of the State shall be the same as those of tenderers for major projects of the National Social Science Fund.(6) Where the content is closely related to the research or completed projects at all levels, the application shall explain in detail the connection and difference between the applied projects and the projects already undertaken; otherwise, the application shall be regarded as a duplicate application;No one may apply for the closure of multiple fund projects with basically identical or similar results.(7) For those who apply for national educational science planning projects based on doctoral dissertation or post-doctoral station report, the connection and difference between the applied project and the dissertation (station report) shall be indicated in the Application Form, and the original dissertation (station report) shall be submitted when the application is completed.(8) It shall not apply for a subject in the National Educational scientific planning using research results that are basically the same as those already published.(9) After the project is approved, if the periodical achievements or final achievements are published in the name of the national educational scientific planning project, the words “funded by other funds” shall not be marked at the same time.Xiv To implement the “Several Opinions on Further Strengthening the Construction of Scientific Research Integrity” issued by the Central Committee, the applicant shall truthfully fill in the application materials, ensure that there are no intellectual property disputes, and shall not violate the requirements of scientific research integrity.Any fraud, plagiarism or other acts, once found and verified, will be disqualified for 5 years;If approved, the project will be withdrawn and criticized.The applicant unit or individual shall not visit, consult or invite experts of the subject assessment group in any name for guidance.Those who offer bribes to review experts will be criticized once verified.If the project is approved, the project will be withdrawn immediately, and the project shall not be applied for the national educational science planning project within 5 years.Any serious violations of discipline found in the project application and evaluation will be listed as bad research credit records in addition to being dealt with according to regulations.All applications will be subject to qualification examination.The experts adopted the loose-leaf of National Educational Science Planning Project Demonstration (hereinafter referred to as loose-leaf) for anonymous evaluation.The word count of the “Loose-leaf” argument should not exceed 7000 words, and the related research results in the early stage should be listed in the way stipulated in the “Loose-leaf”.Primary and secondary schools and kindergarten applicants to declare the subject, the implementation of a single list single evaluation.Article 16 After the project is approved, the project leader shall abide by the relevant commitments, fulfill the agreed obligations, and complete the research task in time during the project implementation period. The expected research results promised in the declaration shall be the essential requirements to be achieved when the project is concluded, and shall not be changed without authorization.The application for approval of the project shall be regarded as the binding text of the funding contract.The final results of the implementation of the final evaluation system, evaluation grade to be announced.Except under special circumstances, the final research results of the National Social Science Fund shall be appraised before publication, and unauthorized publication shall be deemed to terminate the funding agreement.If you plan to write the results in minority languages or foreign languages, please explain it in the application form.A hierarchical examination and verification management system shall be adopted for the application of national educational scientific planning projects.Applicant’s work unit, provincial management unit (including provincial education GuiHuaBan, and directly affiliated institutions in colleges and universities directly under the Ministry of Education, provincial colleges and universities &) should strengthen the reporting work of organization and guidance, strictly the authenticity of audit declaration qualifications, previous research results and research strength and the necessary condition of the project group, signed a clear opinion.Scientific research administrative departments at all levels shall not charge any fees for application and evaluation.The Office of the Leading Group of National Educational And Scientific Planning (hereinafter referred to as the Whole Regulation Office) does not accept individual applications directly.Online declaration will be tried out this year.The “Project Declaration System” in the “National Education and Scientific Planning And Management Platform” (hereinafter referred to as the Platform) is the only online platform for this application, and the online declaration method and process management shall be subject to this system.Applicants can access the platform through the website of the Office of All Regulations ( The platform will be online and open from 00:00 On March 1, 2022 to 24:00 on April 1, 2022. The system will automatically shut down after the deadline, and no application will be accepted.Before the opening of the platform, applicants can download the Application form (or Tender) and loose-leaf from the website of the National Regulatory Office to prepare for the parts of “Project Design Demonstration” and “Research Basis”, and fill in the other parts directly on the platform.Project applicants should fill in and export the Application form on the platform within the specified time. After stamping the official seal of the company, the full text should be scanned into a document and submitted to the platform together with the PDF version of loose-leaf.Provincial and ministerial management units shall complete the audit work before 24:00 on April 15, 2022, and submit the scanned copy of The Declaration Data Summary Form with official seal and the qualified application form and loose pages within the limit to the national Regulatory Office on the platform;It is not necessary to stamp the official seal of the provincial and ministerial management units on the Application form.All materials submitted to the National Regulatory Office on the platform shall be deemed to have been reviewed and approved by units at all levels.20 To apply for major national tenders and key projects, the paper Bid with official seal shall be submitted in 6 copies (1 original and 5 copies), printed on double-sided A3 paper and bound in middle seam.There is no need to send hard copies of application form, Loose-leaf and Declaration Data Summary Form for other types of subjects.After the announcement of the project, the project has been approved to submit a paper declaration material with the signature of the responsible person and members and the seal of the unit, handed over to the provincial and ministerial management units to send to the national Planning Office.Consultation telephone: 010-62003471, 62003308;Platform system and technical questions, please consult 400-800-1636, E-mail: code: 100088, Address: National Education science Planning Leading Group Office, no. 46, Beisanhuan Middle Road, Haidian District, Beijing, ChinaDue to the impact of COVID-19, the Office will immediately inform you of any changes in the application arrangements for the 2022 National Education and Science Planning projects.National Education Science Planning Leading Group Office February 8, 2022 * Review: CAI Li, Editor: Yang Zhenrong source: Ministry of Education new media of government affairs “Micro Education”