Suzhou metro operation time adjustment, inter-city passenger lines suspended, a number of shopping malls suspended business

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Everybody is responsible for outbreaks in front, do not go out as far as possible, less gathered strictly on epidemic prevention and control, not conceal the suzhou transportation changed many stores also closed on rail operation time adjust, suspend provinces, cities and international passenger on February 17th, suzhou rail transit announcement, combined with the traffic situation recently, since February 18, suspend Friday to Sunday to extend the operation service.During the epidemic, passengers are requested to take their own epidemic prevention measures, wear masks during the whole journey on rail transit, keep a reasonable distance, and check the health code and temperature when entering the station. Thank you for your cooperation and support!In suzhou, nantong, Wuxi and other places, interprovincial passenger transport lines have been suspended, and nucleic acid certification is required for travel.Intercity and inter-city adjacent buses were suspended.Citizens on rail transit, regular buses and taxis (including online taxi service) should wear masks and take the initiative to check their body temperature and health code.From Midnight on February 16, 2022, 18 new expressway entrances and four Yangtze River ferry lines will be closed.An additional 32 traffic prevention and control inspection points will be set up.A total of 37 traffic lanes were closed in the city;63 traffic prevention and control inspection points have been set up, among which 9 special logistics channels are limited to freight vehicles.Negative nucleic acid tests and health code checks will be carried out for people leaving Sudan within 48 hours.Passengers leaving Suzhou by railway must prove negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours and check their body temperature, health code and travel card before entering the station.Those with yellow health code or abnormal travel card shall be encouraged to return;Those with a red health code shall be quarantined for medical observation by the local epidemic prevention and control department in accordance with relevant regulations.Starting from Midnight on February 16, 2022, all bus stations affiliated to Nantong Automobile Transportation Group will start the check of negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours for passengers departing from the city or province (including adjacent city buses, excluding county buses).The period of validity of a negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours is based on the time of departure.Paper and electronic nucleic acid test negative reports are acceptable.Passengers leaving Nantong by train, plane or bus must have their body temperature checked, health code and travel card checked, and nucleic acid test negative within 48 hours.Those with a yellow health code or an abnormal travel card are encouraged to return.Those whose health code is red shall be quarantined and put under medical observation by local epidemic prevention and control departments in accordance with relevant regulations.Delta image: nantong trucks group no tin part class line suspended, wuxi passenger transportation, railway transportation need nucleic acid report remind spending now on pause to the wuxi bus passenger stations in yixing, suzhou area (including the changshu, zhangjiagang, taicang, history.the) all class line, and yangzhou, jiangdu, if, huzhou, putuo, baoying, class line recovery time prior notice.Currently, passengers are required to show their travel and health codes and check their temperature with the staff before entering the station.Passengers with * in their itinerary code are required to provide a negative nucleic acid test report within 48 hours, otherwise they will not be able to enter the station.Passengers returning to Wuxi are also required to show their travel and health codes and have their body temperature checked immediately after arriving at the bus station in Wuxi.Persons returning to Tin from other provinces and passengers with * in their itinerary code shall register and declare information about entering tin, and nucleic acid sampling shall be carried out on the spot. Only after completion, can they leave the station normally.Passengers departing from Shuofang International Airport in Southern Jiangsu province to domestic airports such as Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Changsha, Sanya, Taiyuan, Nanning, Harbin, Jieyang, Mangshi and Kaili are required to have a negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours.Starting today, domestic passengers departing from Shuofang Airport in Southern Jiangsu province are advised to have a negative nucleic acid test report within 48 hours and consult the destination airport or airline for specific epidemic prevention and control policies before traveling.Delta image: international airport in the south of jiangsu jiang su more release travel remind more suspended in suzhou and related regional passenger transportation class line spending yangzhou: on February 12, yangzhou automobile passenger depot and jiangdu automobile passenger depot to suzhou were suspended, 14 pause to the suzhou region (suzhou, changshu, zhangjiagang, kunshan, taicang, wujiang, etc) class line.Zhenjiang: From February 15, zhenjiang suspended seven passenger lines connecting suzhou, Zhangjiagang, Changshu, Kunshan and Taicang, and suspended all chartered passenger trains heading to Suzhou.Spending taizhou: pause to suzhou and the surrounding area in kunshan, taicang, changshu, wujiang, the divisions of the zhangjiagang, during the period of suspension has passenger tickets can be a full refund, spending xuzhou: suspended from or into suzhou outbreak areas such as road passenger transportation class line, pause, into, or stop the disease from related areas of tour charter for the record;”Point-to-point” transport will be strictly implemented for road passenger buses and chartered tour buses passing through Suzhou and other places, and passengers are not allowed to get on and off in this area.For those who have sold tickets, relevant passenger transport enterprises and bus stations shall do a good job in providing refund services.Taxi services (including online taxi hailing) and hitchhiking services in and out of suzhou and other affected areas have been suspended.The above is for reference only. Be sure to contact the destination authorities for the latest epidemic prevention policies before you travel!Aeon Dream City Suzhou New Area has suspended business from February 17, the exact resumption time is to be determined.Aeon Dream City Suzhou Wuzhong has been suspended from February 17, the exact opening time of aeon Dream City suzhou wuzhong has been suspended from February 17.03iD PARK Has been closed since February 17, the exact opening time is to be determined.Suzhou Impression City has been closed since February 17th, the specific opening time is to be determined.Material source: Shopping mall official micro, Suzhou rail transit, Jiangsu Transportation, etc