The sexiest football in the English premier League vs the toughest football in Serie A, Liverpool vs Inter milan.

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Beijing time February 17, 4:00 am, this round of the Champions League knockout first leg of the most eye-catching a game began, by the inter Milan at home against Liverpool, can say that this is the Premier League and now the world’s most beautiful football team – Liverpool, and serie A play the most passionate Inter Milan match.Inter milan: Inter have been in a bit of a slump of late, having erased their pre-winter lead and even been overtaken by their city rivals (with a game in hand), the Coppa Italia is stumbling and not in its best form of late.Varela’s diagnosis, vidal can fill, bastoni’s return is good.The good news is that dzeko, Lautaro, sanchez and a few other thigh-level players can always be trusted.Liverpool: Liverpool have not been as short as they have been since January, and with the addition of new signings, they are very strong.Liverpool have also been in good form recently and, although they are still far behind City, Liverpool will probably focus on the cup. Liverpool are capable of winning any competition.All are available except captain Jordan Henderson, who is injured.Slag uncle also had a happy trouble.Liverpool have won 3-1 in the last four meetings between the two sides.This is a game football fans can’t miss.Both Inter and Liverpool have huge followings.Liverpool’s quick conversion of attack and defense + sexy running style, met with the indomitable will of Inter milan and the iron defensive walls of Italy, will surely attract countless fans again. Are they intoxicated by the sexy of Liverpool or the indomitable of Inter?Radish green vegetables have their own love, how do you choose?