“Underground Station envelope Design Software (PKPM-FPS) product conference” was held smoothly

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On March 30, 2022, the “Underground Station Envelope Design Software (PKPM-FPS) Product Conference” held by China Academy of Building Research Beijing Guoli Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Guoli Technology) was successfully held.Subway station envelope design software PKPM-FPS developed based on domestic independent BIM platform has been officially released!Subway engineering as a key infrastructure related to the national economy and people’s livelihood, the independent research and development of subway station design software has a strong practical significance, PKPM-FPS is a BIMBase platform based on the underground station enclosure design drawing software, mainly including structural modeling, geological foundation, calculation and analysis, drawing list four functional modules.It aims to improve the digitalization level and application efficiency of rail transit industry.This conference introduced the overall research and development of PKPM-FPS products. The conference mainly focused on the capability of autonomous and controllable BIMBase platform, the five functional features of the envelope design software of subway stations, the level of business coverage, the actual project application cases and other aspects.The report also shares and explores more application points and possibilities of BIM technology in the field of rail transit.First, zuo Chao, Technical Director of Guli Technology and Deputy General Manager of BIMBase R&D Center, presented a technical report entitled “Domestic BIMBase Helps The Digitization of Infrastructure Industry”, introducing the development status and latest research and development progress of Domestic BIMBase platform technology.The BIMBase platform is already in initial use in the rail transit industry, forming products for rail transit.Zhang Jiele, deputy General manager of product and Technology Department of Software Division of Guoli Technology Industry, introduced the intelligent Software of Subway Envelope Structure based on Domestic BIM technology, which fully demonstrated the research and development ideas and product capabilities of PKPM-FPS.Zhang Yong, the designer of Foshan Rail Transit Design and Research Institute Co., LTD., showed in detail the application of PKPM-FPS in the whole process of foshan Metro Licun station project design, which proved the effectiveness of PKPM-FPS in improving the efficiency of subway station envelope design.The meeting was hosted by Li Xin, general manager of software Division of Gouli Technology Industry.Click the image below to view the details of the meeting.PC address: https://edu.pkpm.cn/detail/l_622027fbe4b04d7e2fd18866/4 contact wear three cooperation work: 13533287966 job: 18510071997