Volunteers of the “Wulin Dama” show great responsibility in welcoming the Asian Games and fighting the epidemic

2022-05-28 0 By

“Welcome the Asian Games” and “fight against the epidemic” are the top priority of hangzhou people. Residents of the old real property community have joined the volunteer team, among which the volunteers of “Wulin Dama” are particularly dazzling. They give full play to their strengths and work together to highlight the charm and style of the volunteers of “Wulin Dama”!My Asian Games my city, the city volunteer “benefit” up.Old real estate community “Wulin dama” heard in the recruitment of volunteers for the Asian Games, to contribute to the Asian Games, eager to sign up, have said that although they are older, but can control the corridor, care about neighbors, tenants, etc., the security patrol service can still do very well!The “Wulin Dama” volunteers in the old real estate community also warm the hearts of those who stay at home with their superb cooking skills.An SF Express Courier in the community has become a person who needs to stay at home. His 5-month-old baby needs to be breastfed and the puerpuerary needs to drink nutritious soup.Jin Shenghua, the community secretary, decided to deliver soup to women’s homes according to their needs.Ping Jianwei, a volunteer of the “Wulin Dama”, immediately went to buy fresh ingredients, cooked the soup in her kitchen and delivered it to the woman’s house before 11:30.Touched by the community’s sincere and warm service, the Courier and his family expressed their gratitude to the community and promised to actively cooperate with the community to quarantine at home.There is also a community with a vegetable basket wearing a red vest “wulin aunt” volunteers.On that day, the community was carrying out nucleic acid and antigen tests for all members. “Wulin Aunt” Guan Passed by the nucleic acid testing site to buy vegetables, and saw so many residents that social workers and other volunteers were too busy. She immediately put down the vegetable basket, put on a red vest and joined the volunteer service.She carefully studied the service process and operation mode of other volunteers, and soon became proficient in the operation, so busy that she even forgot to go home to cook.”Community work depends on everyone,” guan said afterwards. “I will remove the” temporary “and become a real volunteer to serve everyone.”The old real property community actively launched, vigorously promoted, has set up a 120 “Wulin Dama” party volunteer service team, they not only participate in the security patrol, but also with a selfless heart to create a positive atmosphere to welcome the Asian Games, cast a warm and strong anti-epidemic volunteer team, dedicated to serve everyone.(Source: People’s Government website of Gongshu District, Hangzhou)