After reading his mother’s letter to Su yiming, I finally know why he is the champion

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February 18 is the 18th birthday of Su Yiming, China’s youngest Winter Olympic champion.Before the Games began, Su’s mother wrote him an emotional letter home.Let’s read this letter home together, maybe you will see a different “genius boy”.Dear Son, AS I write this letter to you, it will be 116 days since we have seen each other.When you enter the Olympic Village in a few days to start the competition, and then to the end of the competition centralized isolation, from I can see you, hug you, there are 49 days.Although you always video-call me during the busy training and competition, let me know that you are ok, let me feel at ease, although I also know that you are well taken care of by the national team staff and coach Sato, BUT I really feel like the old saying – a thousand miles, mother worry.You are, after all, a minor and the first time in your life you have been away from home for so long.Every time we facetime, I always try to hide my thoughts about you and let you feel at ease during the game and training, but you always know my mother’s little thoughts and try to comfort me.Over the past three months, I have been thinking about how to let go of the world as you grow up. Maybe not only you, but also I, as a mother, need to learn.When you started to learn snowboarding at the age of 4, it coincided with the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Maybe at that time, you had planted a seed in your heart to become an athlete and win glory for your country.Fourteen years later, you have earned enough points through your tireless efforts, match by match, to stand on the starting platform of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics wearing the national team shirt.No matter how the final result, you are the pride of mother, but also the pride of the motherland!Skiing is a very hard sport. You have to get up early and go to the mountains, train in freezing conditions, and get injured during difficult movements.In the past, people always asked me, “How can I let such a precious son practice this?”But I can only answer them, children love too much, parents must be fully supportive ah.Maybe it is because of the genes of both parents who love to play, you have been a “wild” child who loves nature since childhood, relying on the sea and believing in mountains.So two of your favorite sports, snowboarding and surfing, are the closest to nature, allowing you to overcome the cold of winter and the heat of summer, to immerse yourself in it and have fun.But who would have thought that after 14 years of playing, you would go to the Winter Olympics!As the Winter Olympics get closer and closer, I know you are ready to make the leap on our home soil, to finish your routine, to try to achieve the best results.Although you always say that the goal is always to win the Olympic gold medal, but my mother wants you to put down the pressure, relaxed to enjoy every competition.The day after the slopestyle final, your mentor, Coach Sato’s birthday, and you will turn 18 three days after the grand jumping final.You can finish all the competitions safely and happily, is our most precious birthday present!You’re still young enough to compete in more Winter Olympics in the future, but it might be the only time you do it at home.You are lucky to have such a rare opportunity, and you need to thank your national team, provincial team, coaches, partners, media and spectators for their support.But most of all, you should thank yourself for not giving up since you were four years old, which has made you stronger and more ready to face whatever life throws at you.You have grown into a strong man, and My mother believes that whether it is snowboarding or anything else you are passionate about, you will do very well and contribute more to our country and society.Looking forward to the day we meet in 49 days!Your mother source | on January 23, 2022 the People’s Daily WeChat public number