Ancient Roman myths and legends of the spring god and the ancient god

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The face of Spring had a daughter named Proserpine who was pretty and beautiful and who wanted to be like Diana and didn’t want to marryLifetime just want to single Venus some angry found her son small Cupid let him love arrows at hades the dark in the chest because he toured in provo color sent wormwood hades will meet with the lake in the valley are met promises contrasted the violet color sent Yin he rob close carried away the girl let her mother looked around diffused beginning of looking for her daughter’s color, has been around the worldThe morning Cyrus was searching for her weary and sorrowful for nine days and nine nights she bore the rain and the wind and at last she found only her daughter’s girdle for which she hated the earth she cursed the cattle that died and the plough broke in the rows and the birds stole the seeds and the brambles on the ground root to root……Finally she found out that her daughter had become the queen of Hades but she had eaten the fruit of Hades and would never fully recover her manhood And god allowed her to return to the earth for a few months each year to be the beautiful goddess of grain and when spring came she would return to embrace her mother and when winter came she would return to accompany hades lover.Her mother also recovered her love for the earth as she understood that no one could escape Cupid’s arrow and that her daughter always wanted to marry.This is the subversion of the ethical, this is the beautiful extension of love.Author: Wei Yuhong, net name: Panshi city, Jilin Province, people.Before retirement, he wrote, wrote and directed more than 60 TV feature films as a reporter and deputy director of TV station.Currently, he is a member of Chinese Poetry Society, a member of Hong Kong Poetry Society, a inheritor of intangible cultural heritage of Shianguan Cave, and the vice president of Shianguan Sanyu Poetry Society.He is the author of poetry and prose collection “Little Grass” and “Iron Fern”.He has 20 poems collected in “Chinese Contemporary Poetry Collection” and is rated as “Chinese poetry writer”.