Can companies buy new energy vehicles tax credit

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Can companies buy new energy vehicles tax credit?Tax revenue changed, can deduct completely before, want cent to deduct 3 years now.Partial area policy may have difference, can consult local tax authority.Companies can use corporate accounts to buy cars to avoid taxes.Generally speaking, enterprises can avoid a large amount of tax when they buy a car, and the purchase price is also quite high. The more expensive the car, the more tax reduction, how much tax credit can enterprises get when they buy a car in 2022?1. For small-scale taxpayers: the company can use the car to deduct the enterprise income tax. Assuming that the company spends 1 million yuan on the car, it can be included in the tax as the company’s cost during this period.The deductible enterprise income tax is 100*25%=25 small and micro enterprises can deduct 50,000 yuan.2. General taxpayer: the enterprise income tax is the same as the small-scale taxpayer mentioned above.At the same time, general taxpayers can also deduct part of the vehicle VAT, VAT is 100/(1 13%)*13%= 115,000 yuan;In addition, VAT can be deducted from the cost and expenses of various car repairs over the next five years.So in 2022, how much tax can be deducted by enterprises to buy cars depends on whether the company is a small-scale taxpayer or an ordinary taxpayer.For the average taxpayer, if you buy a car worth $1 million, the total tax credit can be about $400,000, equivalent to a 60% discount on the car.Regarding the rumor that “Enterprises can’t get tax credit for car purchases in 2022” : The Announcement of the State Administration of Taxation on the Implementation of Enterprise Income Tax Policies on Equipment and Appliances Deduction issued by the State Administration of Taxation in 2018 (Announcement No. 46 of the State Administration of Taxation in 2018) :In order to encourage enterprises to increase investment in equipment and equipment, equipment and equipment whose unit price does not exceed RMB 5 million yuan are allowed to be included in the current cost in a lump sum when calculating taxable income.The policy period is from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2020.It can be seen that the deadline for the policy has passed, and the relevant departments of the state have not issued any relevant follow-up announcements.So by the end of 2020, news spread online that corporate car purchases were not tax-deductible.In fact, most of the rumors are spread about 4S shop sales, they hope to attract more users to buy cars.