Double happiness!China is on the verge of winning two more grand Slam titles after securing seven semifinals in Doha

2022-05-29 0 By

China Ping is now divided into two ways to participate in international competitions, one way to compete in the Doha tournament, one way to participate in the Grand Slam tournament.Although the Doha tournament is not as high as the Grand Slam tournament, the performance of the Chinese table tennis players can be called wonderful. Both tournaments have reached the semi-final stage, which is a double happiness for the Chinese table tennis team.First of all, doha games, China ping swept the men’s singles 4 strong.In men’s singles quarterfinals, Xue Fei defeated Sun Wen 4-3, Yuan Licen defeated Lin Zhaoheng 4-2, Xu Yingbin defeated Chifuentes 4-2, zhao Zihao defeated Yu Ziyang 4-3.At this point, China ping ahead of time to get men’s singles champion runner-up, semifinals are civil war.Doha players have participated in Oman, after the training of the last race, everyone into a faster state, this just appeared to sweep the four grand scene.In the women’s singles quarterfinals, Qian Tianyi swept Fan Siqi 4-0, Zhang Rui lost to Miyou Kihara 3-2, Shi Xunyao 4-1, Mio Nagasaki and Liu Weishan edged Mori Sakuramori 4-3.Obviously, the women’s singles competition is still between China and Japan, but China Ping only allowed the opponent to get a place in the semifinals.Miyou Kihara has made rapid progress recently, and has won a place in the team World Table Tennis Championships. Liu Weishan should not be taken lightly in the semi-finals.But Weishan Liu, who won Slovenia’s regular season women’s singles title last year, won’t have a problem against Miyuki.Although the Doha tournament is still going on, but China Ping can get seven places in the final four is undoubtedly a great joy, is expected to sweep the men’s and women’s singles champion.China Ping also did well in the Grand Slam, with Wang Chuqin and Sun Yingsha beating the world’s no. 1 mixed doubles duo Zheng Yijing and Lin Yunru to win their first Grand Slam title.And with 2,000 points from a Grand Slam champion, the world no. 1 ranking is within reach.Sha Tau is just one more minor event away from becoming the new no. 1 team in the world.Sun yingsha is already the world no. 1 in women’s singles, and if she also becomes no. 1 in mixed doubles, she will win two world No. 1 titles.In the coming finals of men’s and women’s doubles, China Ping will win two championships again.In men’s doubles final, Fan Zhendong/Wang Chuqin played against Japanese pair Togami Hayusuke/Uta Yuya. Although the two sides had fewer matches, the hard strength of Fan Zhendong and Wang Chuqin dominated, and the Japanese pair wanted to win the title with great difficulty.And Wang Chuqin just finished the mixed doubles final, feel good, and Fan Zhendong with no problem.In the women’s doubles final, Sun Yingsha/Wang Manyu took on Mimato ITO/Hina Hayata again.From the World Table Tennis championships to the Grand Slam, the two pairs of main forces of China and Japan have become the biggest rivals of each other.However, The Japanese team always beat the Chinese team, and this grand Slam will be no exception.Therefore, Guo Ping is confident of winning three grand Slam doubles titles, and Sun Yingsha will also be a triple champion.