Is the hard disk external storage or memory?

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Is the hard disk memory or external storage?Answer: Hard disk is external storage.Storage systems are divided into primary storage system and secondary storage system, or memory and external storage. The primary storage system is also called memory, and secondary storage system is also called external storage. Hard disks belong to secondary storage system, so hard disks are external storage.Read: the computer’s storage system is a system, divided into the primary storage system and secondary storage system, wherein the primary storage system is the so-called memory, and secondary storage system is called external storage.What is memory?Memory, also known as internal memory or main memory, is usually made up of RAM. When a power failure occurs, the stored data will be lost, but it is fast.Memory is the memory that can exchange data directly with the CPU.Memory is still not fast enough compared to CPU speed.Therefore, there is usually buffer memory between CPU and memory, that is, cache, such as level 1 cache, level 2 cache and so on.What is external storage?External memory is relative to memory, usually program code packages are stored in the external memory, when the need to run, in memory, so that the DATA interaction with the CPU and run.External storage, also known as secondary storage systems, includes magnetic tape, disk or disk arrays, optical disks, solid-state drives, and so on.The hard disk is external storage, which stores the original files such as the operating system or task programs. Because the auxiliary storage system is broken, the information will not be lost.Therefore, it is usually used to store a large number of programs and data, which is why it is used as secondary storage.Hard disk: Hard disks are classified into mechanical hard disks and solid state hard disks.However, whether mechanical hard disks, or solid-state drives, are secondary storage systems, are external storage.Hard disk is the main computer aided storage device with large capacity and low price.In summary, the hard disk belongs to the category of auxiliary storage system and is external storage. I hope the above knowledge is useful to you.