Linying fellow villagers, the county party committee and the county government have written a letter to you

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Folks: the time sequence changes, the chapter is new.The coming year of 2021 is an unusual one. The new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way has begun. The Communist Party of China (CPC) has celebrated its 100th anniversary.These achievements can not be achieved without the understanding, support and help of the villagers outside!On the occasion of bidding farewell to the old and welcoming the new and celebrating the New Year, the Committee of Linying County and the People’s Government of Linying County would like to extend sincere greetings and best wishes to you and your families!Aim high and contribute to society.Over the years, with dreams and hometown farewell, you have traveled to and from north to south. With your outstanding wisdom, extraordinary courage and industrious hands, you have shone your own glory on the stage of life. You are the best name card to show Your linying style.Forge ahead with each passing day.When you are working hard in your jobs, your hometown is also undergoing earth-shaking changes.Since 2021, 730,000 Linying children practice the new development concept, conscientiously implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress and the 19th Plenary Session of the Party, vigorously implement the development strategy of “Party construction leading, project king, industrial strong county”, high-quality construction of “two cities, one district, one home”, handed over a heavy lifting report card.Yuzhong gained strong county of food industry, the capital of China’s leisure food, China’s top ten business environment demonstration county, strong county of food production “, “advanced county of national science and technology and enriching the country, innovation, the development of Chinese green outstanding cities, China’s green building materials industrial base, the country’s first national digital pioneer village, the national” four good rural road “demonstration county, condiment ten big industry base in ChinaCounty governance, the province’s first practice of “three” demonstration county, the province’s first rural revitalization of demonstrative leading county, province the first prefabricated construction demonstration cities, the opening to the outside world at or above the provincial level fit-out honors such as “advanced county, home of the influence and radiation climbed in the in the struggle, let all linying people excited and proud of it.Phoenix is in the sky.Linying’s development has always been inseparable from the strong support and selfless assistance of the villagers.We will not forget: in the hometown investment and project construction, all kinds of villagers help and matchmaking;In the improvement of the appearance of the hometown and the construction of infrastructure, all the villagers outside the village donated money and selfless dedication;In the process of career development and image improvement of hometown, the enthusiastic publicity and promotion of people from all walks of life.At present, Linying has entered a new stage of development, started a new journey of modernization, and come to the important pass of speeding up high-quality development. We are more in need and eager for talents than ever before.The county Party Committee and the county government will continue to focus on the strategy of strengthening the county with talents, and strive to provide the most thoughtful service, the most preferential policies and the most excellent environment for all kinds of talents with the highest courtesy, the best ecology and the most core measures, so as to shine the talent brand of Linying, make the talent career of Linying excellent, and provide strong talent guarantee for the development of Linying.Continue to revitalize, and then beat the drum.Standing on the new development journey of Linying, we would like to extend a sincere invitation to the overseas residents and friends from all walks of life who care and support linying’s development: we welcome the vast number of domestic and overseas experts and scholars, scientific research teams, outstanding entrepreneurs, outstanding migrant workers and college graduates to come back to Linying, help Linying and participate in the construction of their hometown.I hope that you can give full play to your advantages of broad vision, flexible thinking and abundant information, and pave the way for the construction and development of your hometown, so as to exert greater advantages in attracting talents, talents, technology, capital, policies and platforms, introducing advanced experience and transmitting advanced ideas.At the same time, linying’s economic and social development in recent years, the layout of key industries, innovation and entrepreneurship environment and talent development environment of the hometown are widely publicized and actively promoted, so as to attract more experts and talents to return to their hometown and return to their hometown, so as to make new and greater contributions to the high-quality development of Linying and embrace a better future together.Thousands of miles home, the heart of the place.No matter how far away the road may be, we will accompany you and help each other all the way. We look forward to seeing you back home, retelling your homesickness and seeking common development together.The COVID-19 situation is severe, and the Chinese government advocates local Chinese New Year, which may block the way back home, but it cannot block the feeling of gathering together. Let’s look forward to the spring blossom, fragrant all the way, go home and have a look. Let’s join hands with the wind and rain, forge ahead, and offer advice, good policies and new ideas for the high-quality development of Linying.Realize “emotional return, intelligence return, talent return, project return, economic return”.I wish all the villagers a happy New Year, good health, smooth work and a happy family!Linying County Committee of the Communist Party of China Linying County People’s Government On January 25, 2022