Material selection + technology double force, Jetway X70 Zhuge version of the way to health cockpit

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With the continuous improvement of the quality of life, people pay more and more attention to health. For example, many people will have regular physical examination, air purifiers will be installed at home, and many pregnant women will wear anti-radiation clothes.To keep yourself and your family healthy.But as a health-conscious person, have you ever wondered why you feel short of breath and groggy during a long ride?In fact, these may be related to the environmental quality of your car.Therefore, it is necessary to choose a car with a good quality of environment.In the name of a healthy cabin, Jetway X70 Zhuge edition makes the whole family feel safe by optimizing interior materials and applying air quality management technology.In fact, the pollution in the car and people are familiar with the pollution of the home, mostly harmful volatile organic compounds, such as formaldehyde, toluene, xylene and so on.How do these harmful organisms cost you?Here we are familiar with formaldehyde as an example, a simple explanation.Formaldehyde is known to be a carcinogen, so how does it cause cancer?It starts with DNA.DNA damage has long been linked to the development of cancer.Human cells are dividing all the time, DNA molecules “work” after a long time will inevitably “a bit of deviation”, some spontaneous damage.The smart human body can repair itself through specific proteins, but formaldehyde will make protein solidification denaturation, prevent the repair process of damaged DNA, and formaldehyde itself will also aggravate the occurrence of DNA damage.As a result, formaldehyde damages DNA while blocking the repair of the damage, and over time, cancer occurs.It is important to avoid vehicle pollution sources.To this end, jie way X70 Zhuge version is the next foot effort, its interior selection of 118 kinds of environmental protection materials, not only fully cover the seat, steering wheel, ceiling, carpet and other key parts, even the adhesive materials are safe and environmental protection, put an end to the car’s own pollution sources, let the family sit at ease.Of course, it is not enough to eliminate pollution sources in the car, but also to prevent the damage of external PM2.5.This first requires excellent body sealing technology.Thanks to the door three-layer sealing technology, quiet acoustic laminated glass, external silencer shock absorption ring and other multiple enabling, in the case of closed doors and Windows, Jieway X70 Zhuge version of the car continues to be in 29Pa micro-positive pressure environment, which makes the external air can only enter the car through the air conditioning system.And jietu X70 Zhuge version of the air conditioning system with CN95 filter element.Monitoring results from TUV RheINLAND show that the filter has a filter efficiency of more than 96% for PM2.5.As a supplement to the CN95 filter element, Jietu X70 Zhuge version also uses dual-channel laser PM2.5 sensing technology, which can simultaneously monitor the PM2.5 concentration inside and outside the car.When the sensors “detect” high levels of external pollution, the air conditioner will be adjusted to an internal circulation mode;If the concentration of PM2.5 inside is high, it activates the air purifier to clean the air inside the car.TUV RHEIN-tested Jetu X70 Zhuge edition can remove 99.95% of particulate matter in 3 cubic Spaces within 5 minutes.In addition, Jietu X70 Zhuge version also applied anion fresh air technology, in the air conditioning outlet to produce 21460 /cm3 concentration of anion.Negative ions in the purification of air at the same time, but also can activate the oxygen molecules in the air, the generation of more easily absorbed by the human body negative ion oxygen.After the human body inhales anion oxygen, the lung can increase the absorption of oxygen by 20%, discharge more carbon dioxide by 15%, and play a health care role in improving respiration.Holding express way over the years, chery automobile has always been committed to building intelligent health ecological car, and earlier this year signed strategic cooperation agreement with Germany Rhine TUV, in “intelligent health ecological car” project depth cooperation, from Germany Rhine TUV accumulation of more than 150 years and its products into a measure of domestic health intelligent car.As the flagship model of Jiatu Automobile controlled by Chery, Jiatu X70 Zhuge version has won the health certification of China Automobile Research Institute and Germany TUV RheI, which practices jiatu automobile’s user-centered concept and meets the needs of users for healthy travel.The event will run from March 28, 2022 to March 31, 2022