Performance of listed film and television companies under the epidemic

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Recently, the performance of the major listed companies have been released.In this issue of shadow market data watch, we take a look at the operating performance of these listed companies in 2021.According to China Film Performance Bulletin, the company’s operating revenue in 2021 was 5.816 billion yuan, up 97.15% year on year.By the end of 2021, the company has a total of 138 operating cinemas with 1,048 screens;In total, 20,687 screens and 2,6015 million seats are covered by the controlled cinemas and the controlled cinemas, accounting for 27.44% of the screen market.Meanwhile, 60 CINITY cinemas have opened in China by the end of 2021, Kuai Bao noted.In 2021, China Film Bacco projectors increased sales by nearly 2,800 units, accounting for about 50.8% of the national market for new screens in the same period.In terms of production and distribution, Chinese films produced and released 24 films of all kinds in the whole year, with a total box office of 23.960 billion yuan, accounting for 60.01% of the total box office of Domestic films in the same period, and the market share increased by 27% and 42% compared with 2020 and 2019 respectively.In the field of distribution, a total of 711 films were released in the year, achieving a box office of 32.896 billion yuan, accounting for 76.74% of the total national box office in the same period, and the market share increased by 27% and 34% compared with 2020 and 2019 respectively.In the important period of the year, the box office of the company’s films are ranked top three.In its earnings report, Shanghai Film said it expects to turn a loss into a profit in 2021, with net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies estimated at 21 million to 25 million yuan.In 2020, the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is -431,217,100 yuan, and the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies deducting non-recurring gains and losses is -41.1,436,900 yuan.Shanghai Film said the main reason for the profit is that cinemas nationwide will resume normal operation in 2021 and the film and television industry will gradually recover.The company strictly implemented various epidemic prevention and control measures, actively responded to changes in the market environment, and resumed work and production in an orderly manner. It made efforts to adapt to new trends in the post-epidemic industry by increasing source and reducing expenditure and innovating business.During the reporting period, the film screening and distribution business and daily operation of the company have been gradually restored, and a series of innovative business activities have been promoted. The combination of main business and innovative business has achieved initial results.In 2021, the expected performance of Happy Blue Ocean is as follows: The main reasons for the performance change of Happy Blue Ocean are as follows: 1.The epidemic is spreading in many places.Self-owned movie studios are widely distributed across the country, and their business is relatively affected by the epidemic.2. During the reporting period, the company acquired Chongqing Dinu Ares Film and Television Media Co., Ltd. with high loan interest, and some of the film and TV series inventory showed signs of impairment, requiring provision for impairment, resulting in a large loss, which adversely affected the company’s performance.3. During the reporting period, the impact of non-recurring profit and loss included in the current profit and loss on the company’s net profit was about 38 million yuan, mainly for film and TV drama project subsidies and film studio special fund refund and other government subsidies.Jinyi film and Television jinyi film in the results of the forecast said net profit is expected to be negative.In 2021 by the guangdong, jiangsu, henan, gansu, Inner Mongolia, heilongjiang, shaanxi outbreak, repeatedly jyb film in guangdong, henan, jiangsu, hunan, hubei, hebei, shaanxi, liaoning and other places there are 40 highest proprietary studios (accounts for 21.51% of the total retail cinema) in the closed state,As of December 31, the company still has 3 studios in a suspended state of business, directly affecting the company’s operating income, the company in 2021 to achieve a box office of 103,993.14 million yuan, down 34.90% year on year 2019.Wanda Film expects the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in 2021 to be between 90 million and 130 million yuan.During the reporting period, Wanda’s annual box office reached 6.22 billion yuan, with 160 million moviegoers, a significant increase from 2020, which has recovered to 80% of 2019.As of December 31, 2021, the company has opened 790 cinemas and 6,750 screens in China, including 699 directly operated cinemas and 6,063 screens. The cumulative market share of the company’s cinemas (including franchised ones) in 2021 is 15.3%.However, due to the downward pressure of macro economy and the decline of box office and person-times under the epidemic, the company’s advertising business recovered slowly, which had a certain impact on the company’s overall business performance.In 2021, detective Chinatown 3 and Manslaughter 2 are among the top 10 domestic films screened in 2021 among the films sponsored by wanda Film and Television Media Co., LTD.However, some of wanda’s films failed to be released as scheduled or the box office fell short of expectations, and some episodes failed to be broadcast as planned.According to the preliminary calculation of the company’s financial Department, Wanda Film and Television failed to fulfill its 2021 annual performance commitment.The company expects to achieve net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in 2021 of -50,000 million yuan to -420 million yuan, while the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in the same period last year: -3.463 billion yuan, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies excluding non-recurring gains and losses: -3.413 billion yuan.The company said that in 2021, its operating revenue increased significantly compared with that in 2020, and the company achieved a loss, but the revenue of the company’s main sectors has not recovered to the pre-epidemic level.Due to factors such as epidemic control, repeated local epidemics, lack of quality blockbusters, and reduced consumption of selling products, the operating income of cinemas has significantly decreased compared with that before the epidemic.Due to the influence of policies such as large-scale events held in various places and epidemic isolation, the company’s cultural brokerage business, cultural industry development and operation services and other “culture +” business progress is slow, and the income of relevant business is not as expected.The overall performance of the company is not as good as expected, and there is a certain degree of impairment of goodwill and other long-term assets. The impairment loss of goodwill is estimated to be 25 million to 35 million yuan.The above is the performance forecast data briefing of the listed companies. In general, the losses of most companies are greatly reduced.In the face of the overall impact of the epidemic on the cinema industry, major companies have also taken effective measures such as active epidemic prevention, help and guidance, industry alliance, cost reduction, and tapping potential.We believe that with effective epidemic prevention and control and our own efforts, the industry will have better development