Real shooting geely Xingyue L, strong power and large space, 137,200, dare to challenge the joint venture SUV?

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If the independent auto brand, it seems that it is difficult to let a person with high-end luxury or associated to this kind of words, but with the continuous development of independent brand vehicles, for to the high-end market is only a matter of time, and now in addition to the red flag this birth bring halo car brands, geely also started the temptation, g is the best example of this,However, Lynk always return is an independent sub-brand, its brand positioning is relatively high-end.And now geely’s models have begun to enter, such as the model to be introduced today, Geely Xingyuet L, the actual model of 2021 2.0TD DCT EVO two-drive flagship, the guide price of 165,200.The appearance design of Star Yue L gives people a different feeling. Although it continues geely’s latest family-style design language, it does take a steady line on the whole.The design of the front face is quite three-dimensional, which not only benefits from the design of its lines, but also comes from its straight waterfall grid, which is decorated with chrome plating materials and creates a strong aura.The interior of the front lamp set is smoked black, and the overall structure is very delicate. The upper and lower three-section daytime running lights have good identification. Meanwhile, the matrix near-far light is adopted, supporting automatic headlights and adaptive near-far light.The front enclosure has a good sense of heaviness, with a penetrating grille design and a multi-banner structure.The proportion of the side body is very harmonious, and the waist line design through the body highlights the visual center of gravity higher. Meanwhile, the back row adopts privacy glass design, and the waist line of the wheel arch is very obvious, adding a sense of strength. However, the plastic wheel eyebrows are also added to prevent rubbing and scratch.Although the car is a compact SUV, the body size is also close to the medium-sized SUV, 4770/1895/1895mm in length, width and height, and 2845mm in wheelbase. At the same time, the car is equipped with a set of 20-inch five-spoke petal style wheel rims. The wheel rims’ modeling design ensures a certain sense of luxury and adds a touch of sport.Compared to the whole of the rear of the design is simple, to join the current popular throughout the taillight design, and the tail light vehicle body and the fusion line, the outline of a lot better than wholeness, throughout the middle of the rear lights also used the type of chrome-plating decorations, to split in two, it reflects the administrative levels sense, plus the rear lights inside delicate design, lighting technology after feels dye-in-the-wood.The rear enclosure echoes the front enclosure with a perforated grille design, a tough spoiler at the bottom and a hidden exhaust.Into the car, the interior design and the appearance of the contrast is not large, still has a sense of luxury, and three large LCD display will reflect the sense of science and technology in the car incisively and vividly, can also be very attractive.More interesting is the color of its interior, the whole department of the standard match is brown + white splicing, more amazing black + blue is the need to select, with the use of large area of leather package, this is very luxurious.The steering wheel is also leather wrapped, the use of two-color collocation design, this design can reflect the most luxurious sense, the steering wheel overall hold up is very substantial, feel soft and hard moderate, not too good, in addition to the multi-function keys also have no other functions.The size of the LCD meter is 12.3 inches, the style of the interface is simple, the function display content is also very rich, the exquisite effect is quite pleasing, the only slot is that there are too many menu levels, can not directly view the car information.The LCD screen in the center control screen and the entertainment screen in the co-driver’s seat adopt a joint screen design, directly covering one panel completely, including the air conditioning air outlet on the right side, which is of good integrity.First, the 12.3-inch center control screen, in addition to the exquisite display effect, is worthy of praise is its vehicle-machine system, very sensitive response, no lag phenomenon, functionality is also very rich, support most of the current mainstream functions, but also support OTA upgrade.The entertainment screen in front of the co-driver is more conventional. In addition to entertainment functions, it can also control the video and audio entertainment system in the car.The vehicle configuration is undoubtedly rich. The passive safety system provides 6 airbags in the whole car and supports tire pressure display. The active safety system is equipped with all the mainstream functions on the market at present, but there is no fatigue driving reminder, which is a little unreasonable.The driving assistance provides front and rear parking radar, 360° panoramic view, side warning of the reversing vehicle and adaptive cruise at full speed. Of course, automatic parking is also available.Seat design more unique, also adopts double color collocation design technique, the use of suture which outline the most advanced, seat whole watch is very thick, the imitation leather material package, sat on the comfort is worthy of praise, and the front seat besides double electric adjustment support seat heating and seat ventilation.The back seat is no difference in style, the length of the seat cushion also has a good support for the legs, but the backrest is filled with some hard, but also in an acceptable range.The performance of the ride space is still quite outstanding, the height of the experiencer is 175cm and sits in the front row, with 1 fist and 2 fingers remaining in the head space. The most spacious legs in the back row also have more than 2 fists, and the head space remains at 1 fist only. This performance is difficult to find opponents in the same level.However, the middle of the rear floor still has a certain convex, there is a little impact on comfort, but it is also acceptable, at the same time it has a lighting area of 0.8 square meters of panoramic skylight, or very impressive.There is also excellent space in the back compartment, the design is very orderly, and the upper part of the partition design, although there is a certain Angle after its back seat is put down, but it does not have too much impact, at least in the face of large objects will not be confused.It’s worth noting that the powertrain, nominally powered by Volvo’s T4 engine but renamed JLH-4G20TDJ, has a maximum power of 160kW (218Ps) and a peak torque of 325N·m, paired with a 7DCT wet dual clutch gearbox, which makes it easy to drive.Especially in low twist, very good performance, and of course the gearbox smoothness is impeccable, very positive shift logic.Although there is no four-wheel drive system, but the two drive is fully enough for urban commuting, suspension using the combination of the former McPherson after the multi-link, the adjustment is still biased towards comfort, creating a very comfortable driving experience.In general, the more in star L, the car can be seen that the progress of geely, high-end market is only a matter of time, the more star L force the product itself also is very strong, has a great performance, although the price is quite strong, but at least is worth the price, but good word of mouth or the user, believe that the star, the more L will have a good sales performance.