Sheqi county four leaders came to credit shop old wine enterprise development New Year discussion

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On the afternoon of February 6, four leaders of Sheqi County visited nanyang Bird’s Nest credit store Old Wine Nanyang Branch, and launched a discussion on the development and deployment of key projects.Zhang Rongyin, Secretary of sheqi County Party Committee, Guan Wenbo, county head, Li Zhe, Qiu Guoyan, Huang Jing, Xu Xiaoyan, Zhang Shaoying, Bao Haijun, Cui Zhenshi, Wang Chenglei, Wu Kai, Wang Hui, leaders of the county commission office, government office, development zone and other units were present.Shan Linlin, Chairman of the board, Li Gang, general manager, Wang Xian, Deputy general manager and chief engineer, Wei Dongxi, Deputy general manager, Cao Lina, Deputy General manager, Zhang Chunyong, marketing planning director, Yang Xu, accompanied the discussion and made a work report.At the meeting, Secretary Zhang Rongyin said that credit store laojiu is the leading enterprise of liquor in Henan and the leading enterprise of agricultural and sideline product processing industry in Sheqi County.It has made outstanding contributions to the economic development of Sheqi and has become a benchmark enterprise for the integrated development of the secondary and tertiary industries in Sheqi County.Over the years, the county, the county government adhere to the “industrial county, brought by” strategy, and always put the SheDian adopt transformation and upgrading, development, bigger and stronger as the number one engineering, head of engineering, the first social responsibility to grasp, and set up for the county party committee secretary of the group leader SheDian leading industries development leading group, study and formulate SheDian adopt the revitalization of development plans,A series of measures aimed at creating a good business environment for the development of enterprises were taken to provide active services and support in listing enterprises, scientific and technological innovation, brand building, quality improvement, project construction and liquor market rectification.In this regard, single forest, chairman of the board of directors of the company limited by stock, said that development is an eternal topic.Sheqi County is not only the birthplace of credit store old wine, but also the root of the sustainable development of credit store old wine.Currently, SheDian leading companies are in a critical period of gaining power, transition span, leaders at all levels is to SheDian leading development, gives great trust, and SheDian leading all the staff will not entrust, firmly under the guidance, the leadership of the county party committee county government development firm confidence, get up the development of energy, efforts to seek development,Make good the three trump cards of credit store’s old wine centering on “listed enterprise, leading quality and the most beautiful winery”, and make greater contribution to the local economy and society of Sheqi.Li Gang, general manager of Credit store Old Wine Co., LTD., said at the scene that up to now, every achievement of credit store old wine is the result of long-term care and support from sheqi County Committee and government.In 2022, credit store old wine will continue to make efforts, centering on the theme of promoting high-quality development and realizing the listing of enterprises, vigorously implement the marketing strategy of the whole province, and stride forward on a grand new journey.Indeed, as an enterprise with important historical, cultural and brand influence in the liquor industry of Henan province, since the restructuring, especially since the transformation and development of Yujiu, under the care and support of leaders at all levels, the quality of the old liquor and the brand has always been regarded as the key measures to grow bigger and stronger, do better and live.Relying on the enterprises strengthen the advantage and the formation of the system, cultural advantages, talent advantage, technological advantage, brewing, hole to hide, continue to carry out the quality, quality improvement, product innovation, brand drive activities, SheDian alcohol significantly higher reputation, influence, leading products won awards in the review, has become a henan outshine others in wine.Zhang Rongyin secretary further pointed out that the club banners the county, the county government will, as always, care support SheDian leading development, continue to the bartender “gold medal” of the development of the service enterprise, the grasp of industry, big industry, big catch project, grasp the big projects requirements embodied in the support SheDian leading action of steady development, to accelerate the transformation of enterprises, services, and create better policy environment,Help the credit store to inherit the craftsmanship, expand the superior capacity, further enhance the product attraction, expand the brand influence, enhance the market competitiveness.At the same time, under the guidance of Zhang Rongyin secretary, you express the leaders also have been seen, from product quality, brand culture, marketing mode, team construction and so on various aspects put forward a series of experience worthy of learning methods, effectively help SheDian adopt further understanding oneself, in the future work, do real do fine and stronger do big, lead and transformation of wine,For yu wine more brilliant central Plains to make more contributions.Looking to the future, the original intention of the state to support the development of liquor industry has not changed, and the transformation and development strategy of henan liquor industry has been promoted in depth by the provincial Party Committee. The development of old liquor industry in credit stores has ushered in a new historical development opportunity.We firmly believe that credit store laojiu will cherish the opportunity, seize the opportunity, make good use of the opportunity, strive to turn the beautiful blueprint into reality!