They can warm the Spring Festival!Love live warm heart spring

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Recently, 60 students at a primary school in Shide Township, Qiubei County, Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan province, received “Constant love” heart-warming sweaters knitted by loving mothers from Hongkou, Shanghai.Since 2015, The Hongkou District Women’s Federation has actively responded to the call of the All-China Women’s Federation and the Municipal Women’s Federation, and vigorously carried out the “One Million Family affection Line – Constant love Action”.Relying on the “Women’s Home”, we have mobilized skilled mothers in communities to knit sweaters for needy children in remote areas such as Xinjiang and Yunnan, and have knitted 870 sweaters in total.By the end of 2021, the Women’s Federation of Hongkou District had woven 120 sweaters, of which 60 were donated to students in Shide Township, Qiubei County, Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan province, 48 were planned to be donated to disadvantaged children in Yecheng County, Xinjiang Province (currently unable to be delivered by Courier service due to the epidemic), and 12 were donated to disadvantaged children in the area.Since the launch of the “Constant Love Action”, women’s federations at all levels in Hongkou district have organized sweater demonstrations and selection activities of “knitters” and “loving families”, and many touching stories have emerged in various streets and communities.There is a retired teacher who is affectionately called “sweater grandma” by children. She has been volunteering for more than 30 years and weaves sweaters of the Chinese zodiac for children every year.There are seriously ill still insist on weaving caring mother;There are community red talent, elaborate design sweater style, and strive to sweater cute fun lovely and comfortable, in line with the children’s preferences and characteristics.Winter warm, women have love!For children in remote areas, they feel very happy and happy to receive warm sweaters from mothers in Shanghai before the Lunar New Year, and feel the warmth of the big family of the motherland.”I’m a husband. I’m a wife.”A new patternIn 2025, you’re going to see a change in Hongkou → A new organization, a new organization in The Kaide Hongkou Business Center