When a migrant worker in Fujian province bought quilts from a supermarket, his boss was told he had to walk an hour on a mountain road

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Guide language: shop owner niang helps peasant worker enthusiastically, net friend is informed reason later tear eye, two people later business affirmation flourishing!Recently, in Fuzhou, Fujian province, several migrant workers from Yunnan came to Fujian to work, late at night to buy quilts in the supermarket.The owner’s wife was about to close the shop, considering several migrant workers brother is not easy, so she sold the quilt to them.During the process, the two sides chatted and learned that these migrant workers have just arrived here and will have to carry the quilt for an hour on the mountain road. After hearing this, the supermarket owner felt very distressed.So he made a very moving decision, the boss decided to drive them up the mountain, because it was only half an hour’s drive back and forth, but migrant workers are really not easy.The owner’s wife also feels that migrant workers are really very hard, everyone is not easy, just home there is a van, the ability to help it.Netizens who saw the scene were also moved by the boss and his wife’s actions: “My eyes tear up when I see these migrant workers. I always think of my father.My father has a hard time working outside. I hope I can meet a lot of kind people to help him.””The boss and the owner’s wife are very kind people ah, I believe that two people will be absolutely prosperous business, good people even god can not help caring.””This kind of people who just come out to work are generally not bad people, are trying to live hard people, they are really not easy, a little more tolerance and understanding, migrant workers really is a very hard, but not much money occupation, but also to support the family ah.”In fact, xiaobian feel that migrant workers are really not easy, so in life we should try to be kind, but good at the same time to ensure their own safety, there are men in the home to let men send is the best.What do you think about this?