$30,000 on the encore sale

2022-05-30 0 By

Long Zhongshan Salang Galaxy Buick take you full of blessings to welcome the New Year, limited time special!Buick Ancora limited time comprehensive discount 30,000 yuan!The car can be realized on the same day for the car procedures!Telephone booking to shop car coupon 1000 yuan + year-end promotion – carnival car shopping boxing package!Booking to shop more affordable!——————– old customers turn polite yo!!Join the Galaxy Buick recommendation officer, recommend successful car booking benefits.Benefits: 1. Give a car voucher to your friend; 2. Give old customers after-sale vouchers of 500-2000 yuan.Give 20,000-200,000 Buick exchange points, can be exchanged for buick mall gifts of 200-2000 yuan, or can directly deduct general maintenance and repair costs.—- belongs to long group, is zhongshan large scale, excellent service buick flagship 4S shop, double exhibition hall, after-sales maintenance has a small cinema, there are Internet areas, long group was founded 24 years ago, 24 years as the sincere service to every car owner, the choice of trust!The event will run from February 4, 2022 to February 13, 2022