“As long as peace is a good year”, the frontline anti-epidemic New Year’s Eve dinner

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Fengtai launched the “Hand in hand to fight the epidemic, meet the Winter Olympics, we spend the New Year together” to send warm activities, launched the “warm heart ten”, contains more than 50 specific measures, to ensure that the people in the district have a warm and secure Spring Festival.January 31 is New Year’s Eve, the epidemic has not stopped, this Spring Festival is bound to be unforgettable.In Beijing’s Fengtai district, New Year’s Eve dinners were delivered to frontline workers and residents in containment areas also received New Year’s Eve gift packages.Since January 30, Beijing Fengtai launched the “Join hands to fight COVID-19, meet the Winter Olympics, let’s celebrate the Chinese New Year” to send warm activities, launched the “warm heart ten”, contains more than 50 specific measures, to ensure that the whole district people have a warm and secure Spring Festival.Due to confirmed cases, Building 2, Yard 4, Hengfu Middle Street, Jiandan Street, Fengtai District, has been designated as lockdown control area, and Yard 3, Hengfu Middle Street, and other areas of Yard 4 have been designated as control area.Community workers will spend the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger on the front lines of the fight against the epidemic.On the evening of New Year’s Eve, they received a special dinner.”Feel it, it’s still hot,” community workers opened the lunch box, spiced large ribs, braised beef and lion’s head with a few refreshing green vegetables, forming the “Spring Festival fixed food” on the front line of fighting the epidemic.And the dumplings, still steaming when I got them.While eating, the community staff talked about this special Spring Festival, “in the past, we always do our own New Year’s Eve dinner, this year I can’t, this New Year’s Eve dinner must be very unforgettable.”Not only community workers, but also residents living in containment and control areas are also contributing to the front-line response.Since the 27th day of the twelfth lunar month, the Dan street has been sealed and controlled by 576 households.Not only did they send a New Year s Eve gift package, but they also pasted Spring Festival couplets on 56 doors in advance.”Residents can’t get out of the community, so they can paste Spring Festival couplets on the door of the building and feel the feeling of The New Year when they go downstairs.”Community worker Zhao Yang said.▲ Watch Dan street community workers eat “New Year’s Eve dinner”.Fengtai District Publicity Department for pictures ━━ New Year’s goods sent into the sealing control area, letters of condolence with love and trust in Nanyuan street, community staff for sealing control, control area residents “knock on the door to send blessings,”More than 4,000 sets of “fu” gift packages full of Chinese New Year wishes were delivered to residents’ homes by “epidemic prevention attendants” composed of community cadres, building doormen, property management personnel and volunteers.Lu Auntie was very happy to receive the gift package. “I thank the streets and communities for their dedication to the epidemic prevention work day and night. These” Fu “gift packages let us feel the care of the community.Although we are isolated during the Lunar New Year, our hearts are warm and peace is a good year.”A “New Year’s Eve gift package” was also sent to the residents of Xincun Street, Yuquanying street, Guandan Street, Nanyuan street, and Wangzuo Town.Red lanterns and Chinese knots were hung at the door of each unit in the control area of Feishishan Community in Wangzuo Town. Epidemic prevention workers delivered Chinese New Year gift packages containing “fu” (Chinese character for happiness), couplets and dried fruit gift boxes from door to door in the form of contactless delivery.”We have gone through a lot together over the past few years…In this war, the community will do everything it can to get along.Gather love and trust into strength, and the battle against the epidemic will be won."Duty editor I Yanzu Guli click on the image below to enter the “.”Real-time Map of Novel Coronavirus Infections in China””I saw my mom get hit time and time again, but I couldn’t do anything about it,” she said, trying to find an answer for her 15-year-old self. “I wasn’t wrong.