At the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, 73 per cent of flag-bearers were women

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China Daily website on February 15 (February 3, 2022, the Beijing games organizers issued “to promote gender equality commitment”, the propaganda of the equality and justice, equality for all athletes and sports participants to provide a safe environment, promote the leader and staff of gender equality, promote the equal rights and so on four aspects of work 14 commitment.With the smooth progress of the Beijing Winter Olympics, these promises are gradually being fulfilled.The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics has not only been The most gender-balanced games in history, but also set new records in several areas promoting gender equality, The News Market reported on Wednesday.Kong Fanying of China competes in the women’s downhill event of alpine skiing in Beijing, Feb 15, 2018.This Winter Olympics has seen the largest number of women’s events and a record number of mixed-gender events, the report said.Women made up 73 percent of flag-bearers at the Opening ceremony in Beijing, compared with 30 percent at pyeongchang 2018.Chinese flag-bearers Zhao Dan (bottom left) and Gao Tingyu (bottom right) march in the opening ceremony.In addition, women and men were equal in 10 of the 15 sports at the Beijing Winter Olympics.For the first time, seven categories — steel bobsled, bobsled, speed skating, cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, freestyle skiing and snowboarding — have achieved gender equality.China’s Xu Mengtao competes in the competition on February 14.Unprecedented attention has been paid to female athletes at the Beijing Winter Olympics, with the scheduling and promotion of the games making them as visible as their male counterparts.In terms of media and television coverage, women’s events have also been given as much time as men’s.Women’s sports, for example, received five hours of coverage on the final weekend of the Pyeongchang Games, compared with nine hours on the weekend after the opening ceremony in Beijing.The Winter Olympics are the first of its kind in the world