Is banana a “sharp weapon” for defecation?These foods are more useful than bananas

2022-05-30 0 By

A lot of people think banana is one of the fruits that defecate, constipation wants to eat banana defecate, is that after all?Actually banana is not the food that defecate, what defecate truly is the following these kinds of food, click small love to collect at once rise.First: get up in the morning to drink two glasses of water is about 500 ml or so.Second: yogurt dairy products contain a lot of probiotics, which are helpful to improve intestinal health.Third: soy products and beans contain a large amount of dietary fiber, can be very good to promote intestinal digestion, as well as reduce constipation.Fourth: fruits and vegetables, especially broccoli, grapes, apples and pears can relieve constipation.Fifth: appropriate movement is also conducive to defecation, if the above way is not good, it is suggested to improve the electronic colonoscopy.In fact, constipation is very easy to improve, as long as the method is used to solve constipation easily.Have you learned all these methods?