Party member and teacher volunteers of Longji Primary School have joined the frontline of epidemic prevention and control

2022-05-30 0 By

In order to further prevent and control the epidemic, the county conducted nucleic acid testing again on August 5.At this critical moment, the volunteer teachers of Longji Primary School party members gave up their vacation and arrived on time at 4:30 a.m. on August 5 to participate in volunteer service.According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, 40 people from Longji Primary School were divided into four groups and went down to several communities in Longji Town of Sihong County to carry out volunteer services.When they arrived at their posts, they did their best to maintain order.At 5 o ‘clock in the morning, Comrade Chen Ranzhi, secretary of the Party general Branch of Longji Primary School, participated in the community nucleic acid testing volunteer service.At 4:30 a.m., longji Primary school party member teacher volunteers arrived at the post on time.The volunteers had a clear division of labor and were methodical.In addition, teachers and volunteers of Longji Primary School also gave up their vacations and actively participated in the epidemic prevention and control work. More than 60 teachers went to the nearby nucleic acid testing site in the morning to take part in the epidemic prevention and control, nucleic acid testing and other related work.Go where there is epidemic, fight it till it perishes.Dragon set active struggle in a line, elementary school teachers for epidemic prevention and control in an own strength, on his ordinary post to practice the “one party is a banner” clank of the oath, give full play to the party organization’s fight fortress function and party member’s cutting edge exemplary role, for the prevention and control personnel and the high praise of the broad masses.Source: Longji Primary School