Pick up the bride on the bullet train

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“There’s no need to drive. I’ll take the high-speed train to pick up my wife.”Mr. Lu tongcheng said.On February 7th, a team of G2794 train on duty from the guangzhou nine passenger section xiamen Deep movement, the train stopped at Qianshan station in Anhui province, there came a new couple on the platform, as well as their families, conductor Yang Xiaojun hurriedly approached, guided to the corresponding carriage.After the train started, Yang deliberately walked to the no. 2 car and talked with the couple. He learned that the groom’s surname was Lu, from Tongcheng, Anhui province, and the bride’s surname was Wang, from Qianshan, Anhui Province.Today, qianshan city of Anhui Province issued an orange warning of snowstorm, which made the expressway extremely difficult to travel. In order not to delay the wedding, Mr. Lu decided to take high-speed train to Qianshan to meet his bride, and then return to Tongcheng.After learning about the situation, Yang said: “Welcome to take the train. Today, due to the weather, the train was delayed for about an hour. If you need help on the way, you can tell our staff, we will provide help within our capacity.”Carefully, Yang also put hot tea on the new couple and put their luggage.The new couple to sit in the carriage, the passengers around the eyes to the attention, Mr. Lu saw, hurriedly and his wife to discuss the decision, for the passengers in the carriage to distribute happy candy, let everyone witness their happiness, I saw Mr. Lu stood up and said to the passengers in the carriage:”Today is my wedding day. I’m glad to be on the same train with you. It’s so cold today.Instantly the high-speed train became their luxury wedding car, everyone took out their mobile phones to take photos to record the happy moment, festive in every passenger’s face.At 15:30, the train arrived at Tongcheng East Station. Mr. Lu took his wife and got off the train. When he left, he said to our coach Yang, “Thank you for your care all the way, which makes our hearts feel very warm.””You are welcome,” said Yang. “May you be happy forever and have your son as soon as possible.”Shenzhen Evening News reporter Qiu Zhidong correspondent Huang Weiwei Li Xiaolin