Provincial party committee talent work conference in Baiyin city triggered a strong response

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On February 17, the provincial Committee of talent work conference was held.The meeting called for deepening the reform of talent development systems and mechanisms, and striving to build the western region into an important talent center and innovation hub.After listening to the spirit of the meeting, the broad masses of cadres and people in our city said that they would fully implement the spirit of the meeting, fully stimulate the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of officers and entrepreneurs, and contribute to the construction of “six new silver” talents.The meeting pointed out that strong human capital and human resources are needed to support the development in the new stage, construct a new development pattern and promote high-quality development. It is necessary to vigorously cultivate competitive talent advantages and stimulate the innovation and creativity of various talents, so as to lay a solid talent foundation for various undertakings in the province.Lu Bin, deputy director of the Organization Department of Baiyin Municipal Party Committee, said: “We are very encouraged and excited, and have more energy to do talent work in the new era.”Wang Xinguang, deputy chief physician of Jingtai Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said: “Gansu has become a broad stage for all kinds of talents to display their talents and realize their ambitions.To provide more intimate, more warm service, so that all kinds of talents in Gansu have a sense of belonging, a sense of gain, pride.As a grassroots medical worker, I was encouraged to hear these words.”Everyone expressed that the spirit of the conference should be effectively transformed into a powerful driving force for high-quality talent work in the new era, into all-round training, introduction and use of talent ideas and measures, so that more swift horses in Silver racing.Jingtai County Animal Husbandry bureau senior veterinarian Li Tianyuan said: “in such a temperature of talent development environment, as animal husbandry and veterinary technical personnel, to take a serious attitude and the spirit of craftsmen, give full play to professional advantages, good service county party committee, county government decision-making deployment, promote the county animal husbandry and veterinary work high-quality development.”Bu Zhaojun, a senior teacher of Jingtai No. 2 Middle School, said, “With the help of our studio platform, we actively pass on our teaching experience to young teachers.Train more young teachers to grow up healthily and bring our county’s education and teaching work to a new level.”Zheng Yana, director of talent room of Organization Department of Huining County Party Committee, said:”Adhere to the rural human resources development priority, focus on strong-built rural production and operation, the development of rural secondary and tertiary industries, rural public services, rural governance, agriculture and rural areas’ five talents team of science and technology, improve the system of rural talents working mechanism, to guide all kinds of talents to the countryside, promote professional talent service country, to implement the strategy of rejuvenating the country to provide talent guarantee and intellectual support.”Lu Bin, Deputy director of the Organization Department of Baiyin Municipal Party Committee, said:”Baiyin City will thoroughly implement the spirit of the meeting, according to the system and mechanism of synchronous improvement, the introduction and training of synchronous force, platform and environment to create, management and service to improve the ‘four synchronous’ work ideas, vigorously implement the’ intelligence into the bank ‘action, all-round introduction, training, use talent,We will strive to make Baiyin a place where talents gather, come forth in large numbers and aspire to, and provide a more solid talent guarantee for the construction of modern new Baiyin.”Baiyin Radio and Television All-media reporter: Liu Libo, Zhang Rui, Ning Rong Media, Jingtai Rong Media