Tiger year tiger tiger, Fuzhou property market can “tiger” up?Look at January’s second-hand home data

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Good luck in the Year of the Tiger, head held high tail to welcome spring.In the Year of the Tiger, I wish you a happy New Year!I wish you a happy New Year, a happy family, good luck in everything and a lucky Year of the Tiger.In the past year of the Ox, Fuzhou property market at the beginning of the year was also a bull, but the overall environment, flat throughout the year.In 2021, under the “three red lines” for real estate enterprises, the high leverage of real estate cannot be sustained.The “double concentration” of the land market, from the first to the third round, the rules are gradually improved, especially for the real estate enterprise capital sources put forward higher requirements;There are fujian housing enterprises encountered capital difficulties, as well as caused widespread attention to a big “thunder” and so on, so that buyers are more in a wait-and-see state.However, after the comprehensive RRR reduction in December last year, interest rates were cut again at the beginning of 2022, and the tight real estate financial environment seems to be loosened.In this tiger tiger year, fuzhou’s property market can “tiger” up?Take a look at the January numbers.According to data released by relevant platforms in Fuzhou city, in January 2022, 2,223 second-hand houses were traded in the five districts of Fuzhou city (excluding Changle District), with a transaction area of 16,9387.6 square meters, with an average area of 76.2 square meters per house.From 2017 to 2022, the turnover of second-hand houses in January in Fuzhou was 2680, 2335, 2584, 2616, 3784 and 2223, respectively. It can be seen that the turnover of second-hand houses in January 2022 was the lowest in six years.According to statistical data, in January 2022, gulou District, Cangshan District and Jin ‘an District ranked the top three second-hand housing transactions in fuzhou’s five districts, with gulou District having the highest number of transaction units and Cangshan District having the highest transaction area.In Gulou District, 651 sets with an area of 47,599.54 square meters were traded, with an average area of 73.12 square meters per set.Cangshan district transaction of 640 sets, area of 52260.6 square meters, the average area of each set of about 81.66 square meters;Jin ‘an District clinched 514 sets of transactions, the area of 38,655.55 square meters, the average area of each set of about 75.21 square meters;In Taijiang District, 321 sets with an area of 21474.02 square meters were traded, with an average area of 66.9 square meters per set.Mawei district transaction of 97 sets, the transaction area of 9398 square meters, the average area of each set of about 96.89 square meters.1. During the Spring Festival, money was abundant, personal wallet was bulging, the real estate market was thriving, and the Spring Festival holiday was also the time to buy a house.Now wait-and-see atmosphere is strong, from the data look flat light.The trading volume in January is not very active, I wonder what will happen in February with the Spring Festival holiday?Stomach gentleman still thinks “steady” word is the top priority.2. Mawei District is at the bottom of the transaction, which reflects the development of the region to a certain extent.However, because the housing price is not high, people living in Mawei have conditions to live more spacious, the average transaction area of each set of about 96.89 square meters, far higher than other urban areas.You can’t have your cake and eat it.3. From January, the overall property market in Fuzhou was stable.Now fuzhou property market to buy a certain choice of space, as far as possible to choose the house.There is also room for negotiation on second-hand house prices. Buyers choose their own houses patiently based on their own needs, combined with their own financial arrangements, work needs, family conditions, etc.And after proper consideration of the replacement requirements, as far as possible to avoid those who have a hard house, otherwise after want to sell are not good to sell.Thanks for reading. The above article was originally written by “My Belly is As Big as a watermelon.”Precipitate the “collision” of the real world, and expand the boundaries of your thought space.Welcome your attention and discussion.