15 days to tiger pilan feed less “strong bud water”, leaves tall and straight temperament, new buds crowded basin

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15 days feed tiger pilan less “strong bud water”, leaves tall and straight temperament, new buds crowded basin tiger pilan is a lot of flower friends like a plant, this is a very common leaf type plant, in fact, as long as we maintain good, tiger pilan still can bloom, the flowers are white, look delicate and good-looking.But because they are not common, tiger orchid is generally appreciated by watching the leaves. If it can be raised and blossomed, it means that something good is coming.Tiger pilan thick leaves and air purification, can store a lot of water, so the usual maintenance is relatively easy, because tiger pilan roots fragile, so we do not need frequent watering.The maintenance of Tiger orchid is relatively simple, can be said to be a general goods flowers, we all hope to be able to keep tiger orchid exploded pot.Although a lot of flower friends can feed tiger orchid, but want to quickly explode the baby is still very difficult.Today xiaobian to share a maintenance of tiger orchid tips, as long as the regular supplement of some “fairy water”, tiger orchid root system is strong, but also can continue to grow new buds, easily crowded basin, this water is the growth regulator.This regulator is very helpful for the growth of tiger orchid, in accordance with the appropriate proportion of water dilution, watering once a half month can be.After watering, it is necessary to pay attention to the frequent watering, so as not to appear water rotted.This maintenance out of the tiger orchid, the root system is very strong, and the bottom will also grow a lot of new buds, looking very spectacular.Of course, in addition to supplementing growth regulators, we also need more sun exposure, enough light for photosynthesis, synthesis of more nutrients, leaves will be more glossy and beautiful.We need to pay attention to the maintenance of tiger bark must wait for the pot soil completely dry and then water, if too much water, the plant is easy to water rot, planted in loose breathable, nutrient sufficient soil, generally need to change the pot once a year, the growth of the plant will be more vigorous.Today xiaobian will share with you the maintenance of tiger orchid need to understand a few points to master, do these things, the growth of the plant will be better and better, but also can continue to explode the cub.How does the tiger orchid that everybody maintains grow?Feel free to share them in the comment box below.