“15-minute Home Care Service Circle” was initially formed in Xinxiang city

2022-05-31 0 By

The reporter learned from the Civil affairs Bureau yesterday that Xinxiang city continues to speed up the construction of community home care service system. Up to now, 301 community community care service centers have been put into use, initially forming a “15-minute home care service circle”.Since last year, xinxiang seize the opportunity, has issued the discovery, the civil affairs bureau of urban community endowment service facilities of public private guidance, the civil affairs bureau of xinxiang advice about perfecting the rural old-age service system in the city, clear community home endowment service facilities construction standard, operation requirements, accelerating construction of old-age service facilities.According to statistics, a total of 14.65 million yuan was invested last year to build five street pension service centers and 10 community pension service stations.Xinxiang has carried out a pilot program of seven types of elderly care services in rural areas. Nine county-level institutions for the elderly (nursing homes) have been put into use to provide professional care for the disabled and semi-disabled, basically meeting the needs of the disabled and semi-disabled in the county.In order to improve the quality of the elderly service personnel, the Civil Affairs Bureau and Xinxiang University signed the cooperation framework agreement on the training of the elderly service management professional talents, actively promoting the education and talent training of the elderly service, training more than 300 nurses free of charge, promoting the quality and efficiency of the elderly service institutions.Xinxiang Daily all media reporter: Hu Dianfang editor: Shen Binbin