As the saying goes, “people over 60, two do not touch, two do not pay”, what are all referring to?

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Guide language: old people according to the difference of respect of oneself constitution, can have a few distinction to the definition of age, partial person is put in disagree with old expression.The WORLD Health Organization classifies people who are already over the age of 60 into the ranks of the elderly, according to the world’s age standard.When a person reaches the age of 60, various functions of the body are significantly reduced, which is associated with the development of some chronic diseases.In ancient times, people call the old man at the age of 60 “flower armour”. In the current working life, the age of 60 is also generally a watershed for men, most of whom are in retirement or waiting for retirement.Although some people are over 60 years old, or do not want to admit that they are old, but the body organs do not lie, you must understand that the aging process of the body, it is at this stage begins to show significant changes.Many of the hidden risks that we didn’t pay attention to when we were young will show up later in life and affect our daily routine.As the saying goes, “people over 60, two do not touch, two do not pay”, what are referring to?Some people face retirement at the age of 60, and then spend a lot of time relaxing and engaging in a variety of recreational activities.For example, go downstairs to dance in the square, or play chess and cards with other peers, and sometimes chat with a few friends, is a more comfortable thing.Some people will be at this stage, develop the habit of playing cards and gambling, at the beginning of the low value, followed by increased addiction, will slowly increase the weight, improve the probability of various situations.Gambling on this thing will inevitably produce some damage to the body, such as too obsessed, not enough rest time, the body is in a high state of operation for a long time, high nerve excitement, easy to cause sudden death problems.Will also cause inconvenience to their interpersonal communication, while reducing the quality of life, the original family harmony so constantly worse, and even for some reasons, prone to quarrel problems.In the process of interpersonal communication, people are in a grumpy state for a long time, unable to effectively control their emotions, prone to physical conflicts, while inhibiting the activity of various organs, and more likely to be attacked by various diseases.After the age of more than 60 years old, to keep the life circle clean, you can cultivate some leisure hobbies, such as raising turtles, can help calm the mind.2, do not touch tobacco and alcohol, no matter what age group of people, should do effective control of alcohol consumption, especially if the age of more than 60 years old, the body function decreases greatly, there is no active metabolic efficiency, will reduce digestive function.At the same time, it increases the burden of the liver and causes various cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, such as stroke, hypertension, alcoholic liver and so on.After the age of 60, the elderly are more likely to have some chronic disease problems in the process of physical decline. At this time, drinking will aggravate the impact of the disease, and should be kept away from it as far as possible at ordinary times.Many people have the habit of smoking in daily life. Long-term smoking will cause respiratory damage, increase the risk of lung cancer, and also easily cause serious problems in the trachea.When an older person smokes for a long time, it can increase the effects of senile plaques, which can also cause plaque problems in the blood vessels.From the above aspects, smoking is one of the important factors leading to arteriosclerosis. In order to reduce the harm of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems, we should reduce the frequency of smoking or directly quit smoking.Especially after the age of 60, the elderly, significantly reduced lung function, at the same time, the degree of vascular embrittlement is higher, the harmful ingredients produced by tobacco burning, will aggravate the adverse effects, causing various life-threatening diseases.1. Elderly people who are more than 60 years old should actively enjoy themselves in daily life, avoid being angry for a long time, stabilize their emotions, and prevent irascibility from damaging their bodies. Peace of manner is very key to health and stability.Not making conversation is to avoid arguing with others frequently, even if you have the upper hand in the process, you won’t gain much.Ensure the effective control of desire, do not be selfish overweight, life might as well learn to let the mood become more active when treating things, is the so-called smile ten young, more beneficial to health.2, do not pay a large number of examples show that interests will affect the feelings between people, some people after retirement, in the process of interpersonal communication, the status will be reduced, the lack of the original dignity, a lot of people originally connected may appear forgotten phenomenon.We should learn to maintain our own flatness and increase our acceptance of reality.Adults already have relatively consolidated ideological cognition, and the degradation of physical function determines the decrease of their own value. Under the influence of some mutual benefit concepts, older people will reduce their communication with other beneficiaries.Interest is advocated by young people. Compared with middle-aged people, the elderly do not have enough advantages in their own ability, so they should keep a certain distance from interests and maintain the integrity of their own image.
Conclusion: The meaning of each person depends on the young stage. In the old age, it is more about the cognition of life, avoiding the burden of others and maintaining the health of the body, which has a higher priority compared with other things.Guide to Summer Regimen