Doomsday ecology under the collision of Chinese and Western culture art painting opening day “Spirit cage” do very in place

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Well-produced, themed and constantly being urged to improve by fans…As China’s first original doomsday fantasy animation, it is safe to say that The Cage is the hottest animation on the Internet in recent years.”Soul Cage” is the first original doomsday fantasy animation film jointly produced by Wuhan Art Painting Kaitian Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and Bilibili in China.It tells the story of the earth experiencing a devastating catastrophe, surviving human beings have to take refuge in a suspended lighthouse in the air, and then face the contradiction of good and evil, right and wrong difficult to distinguish and so on.The movie’s intricate story and information explosion made fans say it was “mind-boggling”.The fate of mark, the hero of the film, is indeed pitiful, and his love with Ran Bing is also touching. As the plot progresses, the beautiful love of COMBUSTIBLE Ice CP is even more touching to countless audiences.Long and graceful music sounded, sad sad mood instantly spread the audience, more after the audience saw crying.In fact, the broadcast of the animation spirit Cage not only awakens the audience’s emotional expectation of similar themes, but also reshaped people’s cognitive concept of domestic genre animation. This process is not accomplished overnight, and the efforts to be made in it cannot be clearly explained in a few words.But we can try to understand why from the perspective of cultural attributes.The communication of culture and art needs certain media, and there are many ways of expression. Animation is one of them, and it is also a form in line with the current trend of The Times.The advantages of “Ling Cage” can not be separated from its own circle attributes, but we also noticed that, in addition to its popularity in the audience area, “Ling Cage” has largely managed to “go out of the circle”, and its spread and influence has spread to a large part of the circle with low verticality.For example, there are many Chinese elements in the animation of Ling Cage, and what may impress many people is the tang Dao, Tai Chi, cupping, suona and so on in the special chapter. It is just because of these elements that the special chapter can be awarded god by netizens.However, it is worth thinking deeply that it is not easy for the animation to integrate these Oriental elements and stand out from the characters with western faces at the beginning, and the meaningful content delivered to the audience can still be loved by the audience.When the plot of an animation is in line with the values of the Chinese people, and the Chinese elements that the young people like, and the netizens who like the animation themselves are all amicable, there are also a lot of animation related creative content, which is shared and spread round by round, it is not for nothing that The Cage can become popular in the circle.