“Elbow bump” at torch relay?Liu Zhengyin, professor of Peking Union Medical College: Du Bin, the “eight immortals of severe illness”, is the next one, which is the exclusive memory of Wuhan

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(Health Times reporter Zhao Yuanzhi) “Recalling the sense of honor and mission brought by carrying the torch for just one minute is still exciting and unforgettable.”Liu Zhengyin, chief physician of infectious diseases department of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, who just watched the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games, told Health Times that he had prepared for the day by eating a proper diet and exercising more since he knew he would carry the torch in October last year.Torch relay this day, to 6 o ‘clock in the evening, Liu Zhengyin welcomed the torch.”Not as heavy as I expected, but it was heavy in my heart.”Liu Zhengyin said.Professor Du Bin, vice president of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, came in second.During the handover, the two men raised their arms and bumped into each other twice, completing a special “elbow bump” during the fight against the epidemic.”Before entering, DEAN Du and I discussed what we should do during the handover. He said we should follow my instructions.”Liu Zhengyin said with a smile.As a matter of fact, we didn’t have much thought and movement when we started to run. When we took over, it suddenly occurred to us that we were all medical workers fighting against the epidemic in Wuhan. The etiquette of fighting against the epidemic was not to shake hands.When I raised my arm, Dean Du understood immediately. We laughed and bumped our arms twice to complete the torch relay.At 6 PM on February 2, Liu Zhengyin received the torch and began the relay.Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Xin talked about the torch, Liu Zhengyin sighed, “the torch is called flying, representing the takeoff of our country, sports career in the flourishing, representing the spirit of fighting the epidemic forward”.Why do you choose yourself to be a torchbearer?Liu zhengyin guessed that it should be related to his anti-epidemic experience.”In any case, to be a torchbearer is some recognition of my past, but also a spur and inspiration for the future.”Liu Zhengyin told health Times reporter.”Together for a Shared future!Together to the future!We must pass on the spirit of the torch.If you get the honor, you must live up to it and do better in the future.”Liu Zhengyin said.