Qinghai province center for Disease Control and Prevention of the latest reminder

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The winter holiday is coming to an end, and schools and nurseries will open in succession.Primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, and kindergartens are important places for regular epidemic prevention and control.Domestic more recent clustering and send out the outbreak, to prevent epidemic spread risks from teachers and students back to school after the winter vacation, fight disease input, the centers for disease control and prevention in qinghai province to remind are as follows: one, the school, nursery school, fully prepared before the morning 1, head of the schools and childcare facilities is the first person in the epidemic prevention and control.We formulated and improved systems for morning and afternoon check-ups, absence from school due to illness, cleaning and disinfection, and emergency plans, carried out training and drills in advance, and got familiar with various emergency procedures.2. Find out the situation and physical condition of teachers and students going out during the holidays, arrange special personnel to take charge of the management of those returning to school. All staff and students returning from outside the province should cooperate with the implementation of the prevention and control policies of the province before returning to school.The school implements the “daily report” and “zero report” system, and reports the health condition of staff and students to the competent authorities every day.4. Clean thoroughly before the opening of the school, and carry out preventive disinfection on the surfaces of frequently exposed objects.Classrooms, dormitories and gymnasiums are ventilated by Windows.Prepare relevant materials, including thermometers, masks, hand sanitizers, hand disinfectants, gloves, alcohol, disinfectant, uv lamps, etc.A relatively independent temporary isolation waiting area should be set up on campus in case of fever and other symptoms.What are students and staff prepared for?1. Do a good job of self-health monitoring. Take daily temperature measurement for 14 consecutive days before the school starts, record health status and activity track, and report to the school truthfully.2. Keep abreast of the school’s prevention and control systems, local and local epidemic situation and prevention and control regulations.Master the knowledge and skills of personal protection and disinfection.Pay attention to reasonable work and rest, balanced nutrition, strengthen exercise, before returning to school to ensure good health.3 Students and staff from medium-high risk areas should report to the school in advance when returning to school, and should meet the provincial prevention and control policy requirements before returning to school.What should we pay attention to on the way back to school?1 On the way back to school, you should carry enough personal protective equipment, such as masks and quick-drying hand disinfectant, and wear masks and do good hand hygiene during the whole journey.2. Minimize communication with other people on public transport, avoid gathering and keep a distance from fellow passengers.Avoid touching doorknobs, elevator buttons and other public facilities directly. Wash hands or wipe with quick-dry hand disinfectant immediately after touching.3. If you have fever, dry cough, stuffy nose, runny nose, sore throat and other symptoms on the way back to school, you should immediately seek medical treatment nearby. For example, on the plane, train and other public transportation, you should actively cooperate with the crew and other staff to carry out health monitoring, epidemic prevention management and other measures, and timely report the relevant situation to the school.1. Master the health condition of staff and students every day, conduct morning and afternoon check-ups for students and staff, and monitor and manage their absence due to illness.Follow up and report the staff and students who are absent due to illness.2 schools, nursery institutions to implement closed management, strict control of personnel in and out, minimize contact with the outside world.To reduce the gathering and communication of campus personnel, large-scale activities, competitions, etc., shall be reported and approved by the competent authorities.3. The school and nursery institutions shall take special responsibility for student dormitories, keep student dormitories and public areas clean, regularly disinfect and ventilate, and keep good records.Personnel should be arranged to check students’ information and control the flow of people in and out of the dormitory.Students living on campus should reduce unnecessary outings and avoid contact with irrelevant people.Wear a mask when you go out.4. Canteen and supermarket strictly implement the purchase of certificates and tickets to ensure that the source can be traced.Dining hall as far as possible wrong peak repast, scattered repast.Wear a mask and keep a certain distance from others when queuing for food.Strictly implement hand hygiene measures for staff and students, ensure the normal operation of school hand washing facilities, demonstrate correct hand washing methods for students, and maintain good hygiene habits.6. Do a good job in the hygiene management of classrooms, dormitories, dining halls, teachers’ offices, toilets, etc., and strengthen ventilation.Increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting the ground of classrooms, dormitories, dining halls, public activity areas and other places, as well as the surfaces of faucets, door handles, fitness equipment and other high-frequency contact objects.7 Schools, kindergartens and nursery schools will promptly conduct publicity on the knowledge and skills of COVID-19 protection for staff and students, cultivate good hygiene habits and skills of teachers and students, and enhance the awareness of COVID-19 prevention and control of students and staff.Keep the campus clean and tidy.Carry out household garbage classification, set up masks waste bins, toilets should be cleaned, clean, disinfection.Parents should cooperate with the school and teachers to fulfill the responsibility of protecting children’s health. They should guide their children to wear masks correctly and wash their hands correctly. If there are any abnormal cases, they should report to the head teacher in time.Parents are required not to gather to pick up and drop off their children, not to talk together, and to maintain a certain social distancing.