Second generation CS75PLUS design from the first principle and confidence

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“Every era has its own car.Such works, because of the mainstream aesthetic spirit of The Times, not only win loyal car fans and fans, but also can further influence the trend of car design in this era, and even lead the aesthetic taste and travel style of an era.”Changan CS75, since its launch, has been relying on brilliant sales, in China’s car market firmly occupy the “fighter SUV” in the front position.Relying on core product highlights such as “Tomorrow smart”, “Tomorrow Power”, “Tomorrow safety” and “Tomorrow Design”, CS75PLUS has been upgraded to further show the all-round advancement of Changan automobile in the SUV segment market.Recently, the second generation CS75PLUS went on sale for pre-orders, and the new car has been praised for its core technology and new styling.An important topic that needs to be discussed is, what is the underlying logic behind the CS75PLUS continuing to lead the car consumption boom?What kind of product values and brand new automobile life concept does changan automobile show by winning the hardcore technology aesthetics that many owners can’t help loving?It is fair to say that the debut of the second generation CS75PLUS is Alexander — market expectations for this “explosive” product are too high.The cumulative sales of the CS75PLUS and CS75 series have surpassed 450,000 units and 1.5 million units, respectively. If they had not been flying, they would have been criticized.How to continue both brilliant, but also make new ideas, continue to lead the consumer mind?This is the fundamental challenge facing the second generation CS75PLUS.The Changan design team effectively responded to this challenge.Mi Mengdong, executive deputy general manager of the institute, said, “Cultural confidence is not only important for Changan, but also indispensable for the development of the entire Chinese automobile brand.What Chinese design needs most is confidence.”Yes, since its birth, CS75PLUS has become a symbolic symbol of Chongqing, a magic city.Its success, to a large extent, comes from the character of the city, full of vitality and confidence in the future.Therefore, in the second generation CS75PLUS, the DNA designed by Chang ‘an evolves to the 2.0 stage. Different from the SEQUENCE of UNI, which symbolizes future technology, it conveys the concept of “city light of tomorrow”, and many inspirations also come from the magic city, a city of mountains and rivers.Overall, the second generation CS75PLUS has two “faces”, among which the crystal matrix front face version, like the Milky Way flow, full of sense of energy, is to express the salute to the previous generation, and add the shape of the turning point;Another concept of “V” shaped face refers to the 46.7 degree Angle of the intersection of chongqing and Chongqing Rivers. The “V” shaped superposition of the same Angle forms the power of whale tail striking waves, which is the emotional connection of the power of Chang ‘an Blue Whale.The design inspiration of the lighting group comes from the lights of thousands of families on the two rivers and four banks of Chongqing, as well as the echo between the light and shadow of traffic.Through radium carving to achieve the through-streamer front light pulse flashing, taillight with vertical thick wall to achieve relief effect, just like burning flame, side light with laser carving transparent texture, highlight depth and rhythm.As Mi Mengdong said, “A city has a city’s fireworks, lighting is the lamp, reflecting is the life.”The second generation CS75PLUS accurately conveys the brilliance and magic of this industrial city.Usually, we regard the first principle of operation of modern technology companies as the “first principle” : when we do things and products, we take goals as the core, start from the essence of things, analyze gradually from the outside to the inside, and finally grasp the fundamental contradiction of solving problems.The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle said that “there is a fundamental proposition in every system that cannot be violated or deleted”.In the same way that SpaceX pioneered the “reusable” Falcon rocket, elon Musk, its founder, transformed battery costs to create the Tesla smart electric car.Jobs, of course, redefined the smartphone with the basic question of why you can’t replace buttons with a touch screen.Obviously, from the birth of CS75 family to the appearance of the second generation CS75PLUS, the reason why it can continue to cause a boom is to grasp a basic “first principle” of Chinese car market: why can’t compact SUV have the technological beauty of luxury cars?Of course you can!Changan Automobile, as a representative of Chinese brands, has long continued to evolve in this level of products, shifting from “meeting functions” to “carving emotions”. They require that the new model will not only be a cold machine with powerful functions, but also become a bosom friend and partner, a dynamic car with temperature and life.This shows the rider’s love for the horse.Behind this, there is more changan automobile in the course of China’s industrialization for many years adhere to the industrial aesthetics — red technology.In other words, China’s industrialization has levelled the industrialization level of the world. Made in China, the most populous country and the world market can share Chinese products with high cost performance and price ratio experience.”Red technology” highlights the inner confidence of Changan Automobile and arouses the consumer demand of the mainstream market. Cars are no longer toys and “black technology” only for a few people, but excellent works that allow the majority of car owners to experience the beauty of driving and the atmosphere of the future.02 To carve the “future driver” with core strength, his inner determined his external, abdominal poetry gas from China.Carcase and personality are isomorphic.The beauty of a car’s design must reveal its inherent technical strength.Changan automobile detonates popular not to rely only on the design of course, but rely on the perfect combination of hard core technical strength and extreme aesthetics.The second generation CS75PLUS is equipped with blue Whale NE1.5T or the new 2.0t high pressure direct injection engine, and then upgraded to the whole series with the standard Aixin 8AT gearbox. The power and torque respectively reach 138kW/300N·m and 171kW/390N·m, which has reached the top performance of domestic products of the same level.After years of iteration and upgrading, Blue Whale power is well known in the industry, with powerful power and silky shift. Only through such strong core strength support can we truly feel the endless beauty brought by “future car”.High technology content, high quality control, the experience of the cockpit must reflect exquisite but not too luxurious high-level sense and taste of science and technology.At present, China’s car market is at a critical moment of intellectual and television transformation, and the design trend is used to polarization: either the ultra-simple science fiction route like Tesla, or the luxury car route of materials and details all pursue quality.The second generation OF CS75PLUS integrates these two styles, neither excessive nor monotonous. By strengthening the underlying logic of Changan’s science and technology aesthetics, it realizes the realm of “harmony and harmony”, which is hard but delicate, strong and soft.Into the second generation of CS75PLUS cockpit, hands touch is soft soft coated, retainer and packages are excellent ergonomic chairs, adopt new glass cold bending process, realize two 12.3 -inch LCD unibody curved surface screen door plank, control box, the dashboard, the steering wheel, etc, all with soft coated, low-key costly, no shortage of luxury cars,There’s a little bit more show-off about tomorrow’s technology.Changan’s design evolution is there for all to see.From the design aesthetics of “life dynamic” followed by Changan automobile in the early stage to the new concept car Vision-V, as the fist product of Changan automobile manufacturing system, the second generation CS75PLUS is endowing scientific and technological products with a new “hard future aesthetic feeling” through a series of new designs.The previous generation of CS75PLUS is known as the “car of tomorrow”. Through the research and development of excess technology, this amazing car has the core strength from power to intelligence to completely crush the peer products.The second generation CS75PLUS has been upgraded and remodeled to further enhance the futuristic feel of this hard-core vehicle.At present, the Chinese car market comes on stage one after another. New models and all kinds of exaggerated and bizarre styling designs can be described as chaotic and charming. Seemingly innovative, but actually inside.In such an era of lack of benchmarking and confusion of values, the core bottleneck of Chinese automobile design has not been solved: one is to follow and surpass western automobile design; the other is the inheritance and breakthrough of best-selling models.The second generation OF CS75PLUS effectively answers these two topics: it is the creative play of a team combining Chinese and Western elements based on local culture and scene, showing the confidence of Chinese design;At the same time, it solves the problem of “how to break through classic products”, which is often the artistic pursuit that high-end luxury cars are good at but extremely difficult to grasp.It is undoubtedly a representative work in the context of new Chinese design, proving the progress and awakening of Chinese design power.After all, the car is the largest personal consumer product since industrialization, and it certainly shouldn’t be just a machine.The core strength and forward-looking practical functions are perfectly integrated into the design with a sense of the future, creating a distinctive personality, rich in visual tension of the technology aesthetic work, the second generation CS75PLUS shows the foundation and confidence of Chinese automobile design.”If you can attack the heart, you will be eliminated from the side. Since ancient times, we have known that soldiers are not warlike.It is wrong to be lenient and strict if you do not check the situation.Chongqing is a hub of the rich Sichuan-Chongqing Basin.Only from Chongqing to the east, the river gushed out, fertile fields for thousands of miles, irrigated everywhere.Over there, qu Yuan was singing nine songs of Li SAO earth, is the soul of Chinese culture.Yu, change also.Line in dachuan, to the boat as the driver, in order to cope with changes.The second-generation CS75PLUS, the “Car of tomorrow”, will surely continue to lead Changan to a further future.Smart cars are becoming “another me”.This requires Chinese brands to be bolder and more forward-looking in designing and defining new forms of cars, because the needs of Chinese car owners constantly require our products to look forward to the future.Liu Cixin, China’s best hard science fiction writer, once said that Chinese science fiction writers do not have a strong desire to create their own world, and the gravity of reality is so heavy that any detached and flying ideas crash to the ground!Liu Cixin’s value lies in the fact that he established the world status of Chinese science fiction with his hard core strength.Similarly, in the great transformation of Chinese automobile to intelligent electric, we can see that Changan Automobile shows its futuristic hardcore technology aesthetics through CS75PLUS series, especially the second generation CS75PLUS. It is not only creating the record of “explosive model” that keeps selling well in The Chinese car market.At the same time, it is also creating a hardcore aesthetic label for Chinese car owners — this should be the meta-universe of “powerful generation”!Through such a work, it proves the great energy of “Chang ‘an intelligent manufacturing”, proves the power and ambition of China intelligent manufacturing and China’s creation, endorses the consumption awakening of the new generation of Chinese car owners, which is the “first principle” of China’s car market for the future.To deal with the future, why chang ‘an full of confidence?Because their kidneys are full of qi.Chang ‘an, long and safe.If the inland Chongqing is compared to the abdomen of mainland China, Changan automobile, which was born in China and grew in China, is just like a kung fu master, standing on a stable stake, squatting step, a breath of Dan Tian’s gas refining round, slowly issued.Just like the inner spiritual accomplishment of Chinese people, see small yue Ming, keep soft Yue strong, return to the root, endless.Starting with the second generation CS75PLUS, a new era of Chinese car design is dawning.