Why would Zhu Youjian be called the most miserable Emperor of Ming Dynasty?

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To say the Ming dynasty most miserable emperor is who, that also only Ming Sizong Chongzhen emperor Zhu Youjian, as for someone said Ming Dynasty zong Zhu Qiyu is also very miserable, I think there is no.Why would Zhu Youjian be called the most miserable Emperor of Ming Dynasty?One, after birth has not been a father’s love mother love.Say, he with Ming xiao zong Zhu you frame, and his father Ming Guangzong Zhu Changluo almost, are grown up in a dark environment.Zhu You six years old, because Zhu Jianshen sigh fast old without a son, after no heir, was sent to Ming Xianzong emperor Zhang Min in front of.When Zhu Changluo was young, he never received any love from his father, zhu Yijun, the emperor of Ming Dynasty. He was even hated by Zhu Yijun. He was often caught in the strife of the party and finally became the emperor.At the age of five, Zhu Yujian was killed by his father, Zhu Changluo, because his mother liu shi had offended him.Did not have the mother of him, by the concubine mother West Li to raise, later have daughter to take care of xili not come over, he gave another concubine mother East Li to raise, until grow up.It can be said that he did not get any maternal love since childhood.Zhu You anyhow in later can get along with the mother ji shi for a period of time, ji shi because Wanguifei grudges, had to commit suicide to preserve his son.But what about Zhu Youjian!Not at all.Feudal dynasty, as expected the most ruthless imperial family.Zhu Youjian has lived a life without a childhood in the care of others. Such a person can easily become distorted or even suspicious if his psychology is not properly guided when he grows up.And Zhu’s suspicious character, it is in his small time to develop.Second, after succeeding to the throne, he wanted to clean up the mess left by Zhu Youxiao, the emperor of Ming Dynasty, to restore zhongxing to the Ming dynasty and reform the bureaucracy.Ming dynasty by years of partisan (headed by Gu Xiancheng donglin school and headed by wei chung-hsien YanDang struggle between), domestic disasters (from the first year of chongzhen to chongzhen 10 years of drought, locust plague, etc.), everywhere the outbreak of peasant uprising (article analyzes led by the rebel army, led by yellow tiger rebels, etc.), coupled with the invasion of looting Kim nuerhachi where year after year,Led to Ming Court has been difficult.After taking office, Zhu Youjian, in order to let the Collapse of the Ming Dynasty has been on the verge of collapse, to his hands under the rule, to restore the revival of the rule, only sleep two hours a day.The rest of the time was spent reading papers and learning about the major issues facing the court.Moreover, after taking office, he believed that the disaster of the imperial court first lies in the excessive power of Wei Zhongxian, which has threatened the power of the imperial court.So he took an axe to Wei Zhongxian.This also led to the donglin Party, without the castration party led by Wei Zhongxian checks and balances, they could once again dominate the ruling and opposition parties, regain the right to speak in the court, so that the remaining castration party members no longer have the strength to fight against donglin Party members.Zhu also reformed and strengthened the administration of officials. At one stroke, he abolished the posts and posts, reduced the expenditure of the imperial Treasury, and used the military salaries for disaster relief and defense against the later jin.This again let very not easy can fool around Li Zicheng did not work, in order to survive had to rise up.Because of his paranoia, Yuan Chonghuan’s five-year plan to pacify liao was aborted halfway through, and he successively killed many loyal ministers and generals in the court, but by the time he realized, it was already too late.Because there was no money left in the Treasury, and the state had to send troops everywhere to resist the later jin, pacify the rebels and provide relief, he disgraced the emperor and borrowed money from his ministers.The ministers were afraid that the emperor would suspect them of corruption, so they all wore patches to the court. Zhu’s face was exchanged for less than 100, 000 yuan.Among the hundred thousand taels of silver, there was also the money he had saved by saving himself and by selling off the antiques in his harem.This makes Zhu Is very helpless.When the later Jin army came to the capital for the second time, he organized his troops and horses to resist and promised to exempt the people from taxes for three years. However, when the later Jin army left, he felt that the people were still in favor of Daming. He wanted to gamble again and pay the troops with the taxes of the people.But when the people heard of him, they no longer believed him.The imperial court of the general unexpectedly no one available, even Sun Chuanting also died in battle.So big palace, so big court actually no one to stand out for him.There was only one eunuch, Wang Cheng ‘en, who accompanied him silently.He asked Wang Cheng ‘en, “Since I came to the throne, I have tried my best to restore the great Ming Dynasty to its normal state. How could I have come to this situation? Am I wrong?”These ministers took the state salary, not for the court but for private.Wang cheng ‘en said nothing but wept.In the end, Zhu youjian killed his wife and children with the Sword of The Emperor in order not to be captured.When he had handled his household affairs, he sighed and called wang Cheng ‘en, the eunuch, and said, “Let’s go and accompany me out for a walk.”Wang Cheng ‘en accompanied Zhu Youjian to xiyuan Coal Mountain. Zhu Youjian kept the Ming Palace and looked far over the world. Finally, he took out a piece of white damask and hung it on a tree.Wang Cheng ‘en tried to persuade him, but Zhu Youjian did not give him a chance. He took off the crown and said, “I am sorry to the ancestors and ancestors of the Ming Dynasty.Conclusion His elder brother Ming Xi, Emperor Zhu Youxiao, told him on his deathbed to treat the Palace well and appoint loyal sages.But he heard the first half, not the second.If he continued to appoint Wei Zhongxian, give Xiamwei wei, make it his own use, balance the Donglin Party, can distinguish between right and wrong, even if he is suspicious, will not let the Ming Dynasty, eventually go to the point of disintegration.Suspicion is not incompatible with appointing wise ministers and mastering the art of Kings.Although Chongzhen emperor was diligent and thrifty, his suspicious nature brought him estrangement and estrangement.And his natural disposition is suspicious, because the lack of paternal love maternal love caused.Therefore, it is appropriate to say that he was the most miserable emperor of the Ming Dynasty.