Colorful knowledge into the campus escort youth to help grow

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Through the combination of culture and education, the county actively carries out the “Intangible cultural heritage into the campus” activity, allowing the intangible cultural heritage items into the classroom in the form of after-school delayed service, and improving students’ awareness of protecting and inheriting intangible cultural heritage through teaching and entertainment.In the auditorium of Fengxiang School, Xiaoxian County, anhui Normal University, the inheritor of intangible cultural heritage introduced intangible cultural heritage such as Wooden Clappers Opera, paper cutting and root carving to students in the form of performance, and guided teachers and students to experience intangible cultural heritage skills.The activities have various forms and rich contents, so that students can feel the charm of intangible cultural heritage and the beauty of intangible cultural heritage, and inject new vitality into the inheritance and protection of culture.Since the implementation of the “double reduction” policy, the county has fully explored the intangible cultural heritage resources in after-school delay services, and organically combined courses to enhance students’ national pride and cultural identity, so as to make the intangible cultural heritage blossom in the protection and inheritance.In order to further improve the self-protection consciousness of minors, promote the construction of campus rule of law in the new era, actively create a good environment for the healthy growth of minors, guide them to know the law, understand the law.Recently, the county people’s court judge Liu Xin walked into the county experimental primary school, for them to bring a vivid rule of law education lesson.This activity not only improves children’s legal awareness and self-protection ability, but also deepens their understanding of the law and helps them grow up healthily and avoid committing crimes.(Wang Mengjie, Zhang Bo) Yanglou Town to carry out spring fire safety education for teachers and students to effectively improve the awareness of fire hazards, increase the control of teachers and students on fire escape, to ensure the safety of teachers and students life and property.Gengzhuang Primary School in Yanglou Town organized classes to carry out a safety education class with “Spring fire Safety” as the theme during the time of watching the “Spring 2022 National Fire Safety Open Class for Primary and secondary schools”.Class, the class meeting every class around the theme of fire safety, to a large number of real fire cases as the carrier to introduce students to the fire prevention and escape, fire alarm, such as knowledge, help students to master the safe sense, make the students understand “blowout” focus on “governance”, education students don’t literally touch electrical equipment, is not close to the electricity power supply, don’t play with fire, away from the fire source, pay attention to fire safety.(Zhang Aiwu)