How to identify shang Dynasty jade ware from the process of jade administration

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The study and appreciation of jade articles consists of materials, workmanship, shapes and patterns.The material, shape, grain three aspects can be identified and master through more reading, more reading, only work, involving from ancient times to the treatment of jade technology, professional is very strong, the relevant discussion is less, so easy to let people feel difficult to start, only to the finished jade carving wonderful.Tianjin Museum Shang Dynasty straight lines jade guisui Tianjin Museum Shang Dynasty string lines have collar jade today, we will simply analyze the Shang Dynasty jade process!There are not many jade articles of shang dynasty left, but you can still see the elegant demeanor of shang royal jade articles.According to the records of ancient documents, the royal family of shang dynasty owned a very large number of jade articles, and the jade management technology reached a quite high level.Xinxiang City Museum of Shang Dynasty longshou yu yu in particular the production standards of opening materials, making foal, drilling, hollowing, carving and polishing are impressive.Even today, it is not easy to use these techniques to achieve good results, but the clever craftsmen of shang dynasty did it!Tiger-shaped jade pendants of the Shang Dynasty Although no relics of the Shang dynasty jade pendants have been found so far, scholars confirm that the Bronze casting industry of the Shang Dynasty has been widely used.Shang dynasty jade decorative lines for arc, with the shape of bending, soft and smooth, line and line close, in some jade can also carve a group of concentric circle Yin line, line spacing only 0.1-0.2 cm, the largest arc diameter can reach 20 cm or so.It is hard to imagine how to carve these ornaments without the help of weight and machine tools.When treating jade, the jade craftsmen first split the jade material into rough round and flake embryo less than 1 cm thick, and then neatly processed into bishan, and then cut the rest into two or three equal points for making jade and animal and human ornaments.Tiger-shaped jade pendant of the Shang Dynasty tiger-shaped jade pendant of the Shang Dynasty niuhead-shaped jade carving used in the Tianjin Museum is “the original shape and size of the gravel shaped jade material design model” or “the jade material is cut into cylindrical or square shape and then carved in detail”.Carving patterns often in accordance with the figure carving pattern, first in the body above the drawing pattern, and then the use of Yin engraving, Yang engraving, hollow carving and other techniques, along the pattern of first fine after rough first shallow and deep repeatedly carved, until the smooth lines eye-catching stretch.The Palace Museum In the Shang Dynasty Yu Zhang was quite skilled in drilling holes.Due to the possible use of bronze metal drilling tools, jade artisans were able to drill various round holes in jade with ease, and even produced a jade tube 17.80 centimeters long.In addition, the Shang dynasty also developed a variety of special techniques such as copper jade casting, inlaying, ring setting and color beauty, so that the level of jade management in the Shang Dynasty had an overall improvement.Especially qiao color jade, can use the natural color and texture characteristics of jade exquisitely carved animal image of both shape and spirit.Qiao color jade turtle of the Shang Dynasty this kind of jade under the level of the Shang Dynasty jade has what specific performance?The answer is below Yang Zhenhua “ancient jade identification series tutorial”.